1. Tips to Keep Track of Your Apartment Complex’s Keys: Part 2

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  2. Tips to Keep Track of Your Apartment Complex’s Keys: Part 1

    As an apartment complex manager, keeping track of keys can be not only a burden, but also a hassle. After all, depending on how big your complex is, that’s a lot of keys to have floating around! And with the constant coming and going of tenants, the key issue can become sometimes unbearable. As th…Read More

  3. 4 Common Lock Concerns & How To Solve Them

    Do you have a lock that likes to stick on cold, wet winter days? Or maybe your front door knob jiggles so loosely that you’re not sure the lock is even doing any good. (Hint: it’s not). As locksmiths, we’ve seen it all. There are some lock issues that are more common than others. For those of …Read More

  4. Beware This New Locksmith Scam

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  5. How Panic Bars Protect Your Business

    While shouting, “Fire!” in a crowded, public space may not be against the law in the strictest sense, inciting a riot can be unlawful. And the reason for this should be common sense: crowds don’t typically react with level-headed calm. Because panic spreads like wildfire, there are a series of…Read More

  6. Top Ways You’re Making Your Business A Target For Theft

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  7. How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors

    From retail shops to hospitals, sliding glass doors are a common entry option for a great many businesses and commercial properties. They are also a bigger security hazard than basically any other door option — except, perhaps, a screen door. While sliding glass doors offer impressive ease of use …Read More

  8. Bluetooth or WiFi Smart Locks? A Comparison

    Keyless entry locks are a great way to provide flexible, hassle-free security for any business — no matter how large or small. They offer a helpful way of eliminating physical keys and controlling who has access to your business, or even to certain areas of your business. With simpler electronic l…Read More

  9. Signs Your Vault or Safe Needs Servicing

    The combination safe or vault has been the top means of protecting valuable assets for well over a century now — and safes have been around much longer than that with a variety of different locking mechanisms. On the plus side, this means we have made some impressive advancements in terms of safe/…Read More

  10. Summer Security: Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacation Season

    With summer practically here, we know a lot of you are starting to plan for that sweet getaway to the mountains, to a beach, or maybe to a theme part. Whatever your intentions, families across New Jersey are planning adventures that will take them away from home for a long weekend, a week, or longer…Read More