What To Do When Locked Out Of The House

Locking your keys in the house can feel like a real bonehead move, but it happens to everyone! When this happens, try not to panic. First things first, verify that you and anyone else with you — like your children or pet dog — are safe. If your child is locked inside the house alone, hopefully they’re tall enough to help by opening the door for you. If not, getting an emergency locksmith to your location as quickly as possible can help to avert other problems. You may also want to phone the police, depending on the age of your child. They won’t get into your house with minimal damage the way a locksmith would, but they can provide emergency response times. In order to circumvent concerns like this, preparedness can be key. If you can handle a 20-minute wait, or so, a locksmith will help you get into your home without damage.


Preparing For Locksmith Emergencies

The best thing you can do to prepare for a lockout and other similar scenarios is to do a bit of preparation beforehand. Rather than scrambling to find help when you’re already frustrated, take the time to look into local locksmith companies, read reviews, ask friends for recommendations, and choose a local locksmith to have saved in your contacts. We suggest having your locks rekeyed or scheduling another routine locksmith service to provide you with a sort of test run to be sure the company you’ve chosen is as trustworthy as they appear.

The other key bit of advice we have, especially for those with young children, is to find someone who lives nearby to hold onto a spare copy of your house keys. This can be tricky if you don’t know your neighbors and/or you don’t have family nearby. It’s important to give your key to a trustworthy individual so you know it won’t get passed along and invite break-in opportunities.


Steps To Handle A Lockout

As we mentioned above, the first step to dealing with any lockout situation is to make sure everyone is safe. Once that is done, you can move on to getting back into your home. The impulse for many is to try to break in on their own. Unless you know you left a window unlocked on the ground floor — and we hope you didn’t, for the sake of home security — please don’t try to break into your own home. There are a few reasons we say this:

  • You can cause additional damage to the lock/door that will make it more expensive and time-consuming to fix.
  • A neighbor may call the police if they don’t recognize you as a resident of that home.
  • You can injure yourself, especially if you try to climb up to a second story window or other way in — which is doubly concerning if you don’t have a phone handy and need medical help.

If you don’t have an easy and damage-free way to get back into your home without help, call your local locksmith for lockout assistance. We can usually be to your location quickly and pop the lock to get you back inside without causing damage to the lock or to your door. Generally, the only reason we’d need to drill a lock is when it’s a high-security lock. Most of the time, we can pick a lock without damage to anything. If the lock is old or damaged, we can also offer lock replacement or rekeying as appropriate so you don’t have problems in the future.

The one big thing to remember is that a lot of scammers try to use a fake locksmith service as a way to make money fast. Check our residential services page for a guide on choosing a legitimate locksmith service. When an emergency locksmith shows up, ask for identification. You should also expect to show some proof that you’re being let into your own home, even if that means collecting identification from inside once the lock is opened.

If you’re locked out of your home, trust the experienced professionals to get you in again. Call Firstline Locksmith any time, day or night, for emergency locksmith assistance.

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