Safes are meant to hold your most precious items (outside of living organisms like your kids, spouse, cats, and dogs). From birth certificates and pictures of your great-grandma to passports, marriage certificates and guns, safes harbor memories that you don’t want to lose. That’s why you got a safe in the first place. For businesses, a commercial safe is most likely used on a daily basis to house your cash, business checks, coins, and even important documents.

So what happens if you lose your commercial safe code or you’re locked out in some other way? In this blog post, Firstline Locksmith in Princeton will address that issue for you. We’re the top-rated commercial locksmiths who specialize in lock repair, replacement, and installation services, as well as installing keyless entry and other technology security systems. We protect your business so you can rest easy at night. Contact us today!


Don’t Panic!

This is probably your first instinct. Instead, take a deep breathe and relax. The bank is right down the road for some petty cash if you need it. As long as you don’t have your entire business’s cash in your safe, you can go for a little bit without immediate access.

Determine what kind of commercial safe you have.

Sure, it’s probably a combination safe that you forgot the code too, or it may be a key entry safe. However, there are many types of safes, from gun safes to electronic safes, all of which have different security features, and some of which may have a built-in out for you if you forget your commercial safe code, or you locked yourself out. You’ll need to look at the model number as your first step, which is usually found on the back of the safe. And your first step in unlocking it is not to shoot it or pry it open, damaging it and perhaps rendering it useless.

Call the safe company.

Many safe companies will give you the code to your safe (you’ll need the serial number of your safe), or may be able to send you a new key. However, you’ll have to prove ownership of the safe, which might require a notarized letter stating that fact. You can register your commercial safe with the company that you purchase it from, which would render this step useless as well since you are already in the safe company’s computer system as the owner. However, if you bought your commercial safe used, and there’s no record of the exchange, odds are the safe company will not provide you with the code, the key, or offer any other kind of help.

Does your commercial safe have a key override?

Ironic how a combination safe needs a key to override it. Let’s face it, the tried and true security method employed by businesses the world over (the lock and key) will most likely stand the test of time. Firstline Locksmith in Princeton notes that key overrides are a second method to open your combination safe and are good to have when you want to give someone access to your safe, but not give him or her the code. A key override is also incredibly useful in emergency situations, one of which is when you forget your safe combination.

Some people may not realize they even have a key override to their safe. Some safe manufacturers like to hide the key override because, after all, a keyhole is another access point for criminals who can be skilled in picking locks. You can check your owner’s manual to determine if your safe has a key override. However, not all safes have one since it can be a liability issue. Another benefit of a key override is your commercial locksmith may be able to access the safe as well from this point by picking the key lock or by other means.

If your safe is a lock and key safe, most commercial locksmiths can make a new key for it, or can pick the lock. Give Firstline Locksmith in Princeton a call today for your commercial safe lockout.

Does your combination commercial safe have a change key?

A change key allows you to change the code to your safe. Once again, not all safes have change keys, and some change keys require you to input your old passcode before you can change it, which renders it utterly useless in the situation that you forgot your commercial safe code in the first place. Some change keys are as simple as inserting them into the safe to wipe the code clean, so you can choose another. Change keys will work with a combination only safe.

Call the nearest commercial locksmith.

A top-notch commercial locksmith, such as Firstline Locksmith in Princeton, can help you gain access to your commercial safe. Be sure to find a local locksmith that is well versed in safes who can crack your code or can manage your lock because otherwise you could damage the safe and its contents. Unlike a traditional lock, commercial safes are meant to keep your company’s valuables safe, and most have backup measures to prevent someone from breaking in. However, expert commercial locksmiths like Firstline Locksmith in Princeton are trained to bypass these auxiliary security measures.

Forceable entry.

If your local locksmith cannot gain entry to your safe, it’s time for more drastic measures, which likely means destroying your commercial safe. This is your last ditch resort as it’s risky. You could damage the safe’s content and will most likely need a brand new safe, and depending on what kind of safe you have, safes are not exactly cheap, meaning an additional expense for your commercial business.

If you are at the point of trying drastic measures to open your safe, Firstline Locksmith in Princeton recommends that you call in a professional as well. Breaking into your safe may require drilling at a precise angle, taking an ax to your door, or even dynamite. To handle dynamite, you’ll need an explosives expert. It’s recommended that you move your commercial safe to a location away from people when taking these drastic measures.


Being unable to access your belongings can lead to a helpless feeling. It’s important to remember to not panic, and that you will have your valuables in one way or another. Firstline Locksmith in Princeton is the best commercial locksmith who can help you not only open your safe when you either forget the combination or lose the key, but who also can help you with all of your other commercial locksmith needs, from rekeying, lock repair, regular safe maintenance, or a customized security solution for your business. We’re here to help with all your security needs. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Contact us today for locksmith services!