From retail shops to hospitals, sliding glass doors are a common entry option for a great many businesses and commercial properties. They are also a bigger security hazard than basically any other door option — except, perhaps, a screen door. While sliding glass doors offer impressive ease of use and help to create a more inviting atmosphere for customers, they also pose a major risk for break-ins. If you’re concerned about your sliding glass door’s security, start by connecting with your local Princeton locksmith team, Firstline Locksmith. Here are a few things you can do to help better secure your sliding glass doors: 


Check the Fit

First things first, if your sliding glass doors fit loosely in their tracks, that is a security problem. One of the biggest reasons sliding glass doors lead to break-ins is because they are often the easiest place for a burglar to force entry. When the doors fit loosely in the tracks, or don’t sit flush against the walls, those spots made it easier for burglars to pry the doors open or pop a door off the tracks. Even a good security system is only as effective as the least-secure door, so don’t rely on your alarm system to protect your business. Instead, call your local locksmith to help adjust the doors so they sit properly. 


Strengthen the Glass

Since sliding glass doors are made up primarily of glass, they’re an easy target for vandalism and burglary because they can be broken with a pretty basic application of force, like a pry bar or a broken tree limb kicked up by a storm. Fortunately, there are options to strengthen the glass on your doors. One option is to upgrade the glass in your doors. Thicker glass is harder to break, so talk to your local locksmith about replacing the glass in your doors, or replacing the doors themselves with an option that has a high-security glass. 

There are also protective films you can add to reinforce the glass. Think of it as a larger version of the screen protector you might put on a smartphone screen. The film may add a frosted appearance or obscure the view slightly, but it will still let in light and provide a more durable shield against force. 


Add Glass-Breakage Detectors

In some cases, the sound of an alarm going off is enough to deter burglars. That’s where a broken-glass detector comes in handy. They are sensitive enough to pick up cracks and force to the glass, so your security system can contact the authorities and start emitting a warning noise before burglars are even through the door itself. However, many burglars who target businesses are a bit more prepared, so don’t rely on this as your only security measure. 


Install Better Locks

The typical internal locks on sliding glass doors are a good start, as far as security goes. However, there are options out there to strengthen those locks. Talk to your local commercial locksmith about high-security lock options that can be installed on your doors, and ask about keyless entry locks for better security that doesn’t compromise on ease of use. 

Supplement With Extra Locking Devices

You don’t need to stop with just a single set of locks on your sliding glass doors. If you don’t want to go the route of a roll-down security gate, there are plenty of other options to add another layer of security. Consider extra latches, high-security chain fasteners, an anti-jimmy door plate, and/or a sliding door security bar to make it even more difficult to force your sliding glass doors open. Some of these options may make it impossible to open your sliding glass doors from the outside, so talk to your local commercial locksmith about which options will be best depending on your security needs. 


Sensors, Etc.

As with the glass breakage option, sensors are another great way to boost security and scare away would-be burglars. There are options that are light- and movement-sensitive to 

Here at Firstline Locksmith, our commercial locksmith team has years of experience working with locks and doors of all kinds. Call us for help securing your sliding glass doors and boosting the security of your business as a whole. We serve Princeton and across New Jersey, so call now to schedule.