Burglars are a constant threat, whether you see them or not. Depending on how well your business is secured during operating hours and afterward, your business could be at risk of criminal intent and action. What’s more, criminals don’t always come from outside your business. Some of them can start within your business, which is why reinforced doors, dead bolts, and external security cameras aren’t always enough to keep assets and employees safe.

So, what do you do about the inevitable burglary attempt? You take preventive action, preparing your business, inside and out, for the eventual criminal attempt. Take note that this is no light matter. Although a burglar may steal an item of little significance, the mental awareness that it’s possible for a criminal to gain access to your business could be unshakable. It’s time you take action to prevent this.

How to Prepare the Exterior of Your Business

A criminal that doesn’t work in your business tends to take a look at your business from the outside first. They assess how you and your employees enter and exit the building. They try to find low-traffic entrances that may not have great security features on them. Doors without deadbolts and windows without latches are commonly searched for first. What’s more, they’ll look for motion-activated lights and security cameras. While these security features won’t stop a burglary, they do help deter a criminal from giving your building a try.

You will want to fortify all doors and windows that are accessible from the ground. This means first floor and basement entrances. In some cases, you will need to fortify some second-level entrances due to fire escapes or other external ladder access points to the roof or other levels of the building. The goal with external fortification is to make it more difficult for criminals to gain access from these points. These fortifications include reinforcing frames, doors, windows, dead bolts, and locks.

More external upgrades can include motion-activated lights and security cameras. These two will help deter evening attempts on your business. What’s more, you can set up some camera systems to alert you when it detects motion for a certain time period, which could give you time to call the authorities.

How to Prepare the Interior of Your Business

If a criminal does gain access to your business, or someone that works for you decides to betray your trust, you can put some security measures in place to deter too much damage or asset loss.

Some of those security measures can include a safe, security cameras, access badges, and remote light and lock access. With these security measures, you can keep your assets protected and deter criminal activity.

How to Protect Your Business Outside Business Hours

Most criminals will wait until after business hours to actually make an attempt on your business. This means that you need to implement your security measures so that they can protect your business no matter the time of day. With remote security system access, as well as security camera motion alerts, you are able to keep an eye on your business as long as you have access to the internet.

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