Safes are necessary due to human nature and Mother Nature. Some people will steal from you if given the chance, and Mother Nature can take out everything that’s precious to you in the case of a fire. Safes provide us with peace of mind, knowing our valuables and heirlooms are stored away for safe keeping.

As wonderful as safes are, like all things man-made, they can break, wear down, or malfunction, in which case you will need to call in the best local locksmith in Paramus, Firstline Locksmith. We are experts in safes, as well as other locking mechanisms, such as your standard lock and key and keyless entry systems. We can help you in lockouts, or when you just misplaced a key. Below, we’ll go over some common reasons you need locksmith services for your safe. Contact us today to get started!


Lost keys or forgotten codes.

It’s human nature to forget things. While our brains are amazing, they cannot hold everything under the sun. Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of life, it’s more important to remember family events, kids’ soccer game times, and work appointments than to remember where you put your safe key or safe combination. We’ve discussed forgotten codes and keys to safes extensively here on Firstline Locksmith’s blog, so suffice it to say if you’ve forgotten your safe code, lost the key, or you’ve inherited a safe no one knows the code to, you’ll need to give your local locksmith a call first. Don’t try any DIY methods to open the safe least you damage the safe and the contents inside.

Damage to wiring

Electronic safes are a whole different animal than mechanical safes and are more intricate to work with. Electronic safes use electric current to lock your safe and usually incorporate magnets. With more components, the potential for a default or a break down increases. The wiring on electronic safes do go bad, which means the signal to unlock won’t reach the locking bolts.

However, faulty wiring is just one component part on a safe that can go wrong and prevent you from opening your commercial safe. Firstline Locksmith in Paramus wants you to know that something else could be wrong, from a faulty keypad, dead batteries, or a host of other little malfunctions. This can be good news because it could just be a simple fix, which is quicker and more cost efficient for you to fix.

Combination numbers change

While this isn’t common, it does happen. Combination numbers can shift slightly, meaning that for example, instead of the number 35, it’s now 36. The slight number changes will cause your safe to not open. Firstline Locksmith in Paramus sees this a lot in older safes and in safes that have not been properly maintained. You can try choosing numbers slightly below or slightly above the real combination numbers to see if this works. However, in the end, calling your commercial locksmith who can properly diagnose and fix the problem is probably your best solution.

Safe bolts are jammed.

Many safes operate using bolts that lock the door into place. These bolts are usually made out of stainless steel and made to be fire-resistant and keep bad guys out. However, these bolts can malfunction as well, from being misaligned or not properly maintained. Safe bolts can be damaged if you move the safe or some other excessive force is applied. Your local locksmith, Firstline Locksmith in Paramus, will need to be called in order to assess the exact problem and fix it.

The locking mechanism is damaged.

If your safe’s locking mechanism is damaged (which varies by type of safe used), either by an attempted break in or by some other force applied, you won’t be able to open it. You’ll need to call your commercial locksmith, Firstline Locksmith, for locksmith services.

The safe has not been maintained.

Humans tend to think once we buy something that it will continue to operate just like it was brand new — until something breaks that requires a fix. Most fixes can be avoided with proper maintenance procedures. Lubrication of component parts and checking the locking mechanism will go a long way to ensuring your don’t get locked out of your commercial safe. Firstline Locksmith in Paramus offers commercial safe maintenance services.

The safe has entered lockout mode or a time delay.

The great thing about technology is that it makes your life easier. The not-so-great-thing about technology is that it can also make your life harder. If you enter the incorrect code to your safe or keypad, you will most likely be locked out for a period of time. This is to prevent burglars and thieves from guessing your commercial safe code. It’s usually between three and five times. A time delay works similarly, which restricts the safe from being open only during a certain time of the day and only for a certain number of times. A lot of Firstline Locksmith’s banking customers employ a time delay for their bank vault.

Normally, the locking mechanism will reset itself after a certain amount of time passes. If you need access to your commercial safe sooner, or for some reason, your safe doesn’t allow you back in, give Firstline Locksmith in Paramus a call for locksmith services.


Simply put, Firstline Locksmith in Paramus cares. For over 25 years, we’ve been helping you keep your commercial business or office space safe and secure. This gives you peace of mind when you’re away to enjoy life with your friends and family and do the things you work so hard to do, from boating to skiing. No job is too big or too small, whether you locked yourself out of your car or your bank’s vault system is not cooperating, we can help. Our employees go through continuous training in order to be able to handle the toughest of safes and locks. We offer honest dependable locksmith services for all of your needs. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Contact us today!