You have a business or a home that needs a perimeter security system. There are dozens of ways to better protect your property or building. In this day and age, technology has advanced to the point of near autonomy, and, frankly, security features can get kind of expensive. Nonetheless, if you want the assurance and peace of mind that your business or your loved ones are protected, you do whatever is necessary. In this post, we’ll share Seven perimeter security features to consider before installing for homes and businesses in Paramus.

Seven Perimeter Security Features To Consider

Perimeter security serves two functions. It keeps ill-intentioned individuals out, and it keeps well-intentioned individuals in. The beauty of a perimeter security system is that it will either stop or slow down a criminal from making an attempt at breaking into a building or home. Here are seven features to consider:

Feature #1 – Locks

There are a dozen types of locks available for perimeter security. Depending on the security need, the type of lock will also change. Finally, the level of security needed will also help determine the type of lock to be used. Make sure you do adequate research.

Feature #2 – Walls

Most perimeter security systems would be incomplete without walls, even if they’re invisible. In some cases, perimeter security doesn’t use walls. It all comes down to your intentions with your security. For the most part, however, you will be installing a wall of some kind, whether it’s chain-link fence or a stone fence. You want to keep in mind the thickness, the height, and the visibility, both from the interior and exterior of the property.

Feature #3 – Fencing

As mentioned above, perimeter fencing comes down to your intention with perimeter security. Do you want to simply keep potential criminals and innocent passerby off the property, or do you want to include a nice aesthetic, as well as secure the property? The decision is yours to make. The best course of action would be to assess what level of security you need and then purchase a fence that fits those needs.

Feature #4 – Gates

In most cases, one or two gates will be included in perimeter security. You want to keep criminals out and those you care about in, while still having access to the property. Your gate options are abundant. You can install a simple bar gate, or you can go for the wrought-iron gate. Also, consider your security needs and choose a gate accordingly.

Feature #5 – Lighting

A perimeter security feature that is in the shadows is less likely to be effective against attempts to trespass. For example, a section of your perimeter wall that has zero lighting is at risk to be breached as opposed to a portion a dozen feet away that has a spotlight shining directly on it. Furthermore, you want to add lighting to the interior and exterior of your property so that anyone attempting to trespass does not have the cover of shadows to hide from security patrols or cameras.

Feature #6 – Notifications and Alerts

In our age of technology, we’re always connected. This means that you can include security alerts and alarms to better protect your property. If you don’t want it on your phone or computer, you can allow your head of security to manage the notifications and alerts. Finally, digital security features are able to track how they’re being used so that if suspicious activity occurs, it’s on record; or, if the activity is abnormal, the proper individuals can be notified or alerted.

Feature #7 – Extra Natural Barriers

Natural features on the property can act for or against your perimeter security system. Boulders randomly splayed out across your property may offer an advantage to criminals who are trespassing and hiding from cameras mounted on your business or home. Furthemore, a secondary fence or limited approach options hamstring criminal attempts at trespassing without being noticed. For example, castles built on cliffs or that utilized moats enhanced their security by making it harder to get to the castle walls. Use the same concept to improve your perimeter security (And, no. We’re not suggesting you install a moat).

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