While shouting, “Fire!” in a crowded, public space may not be against the law in the strictest sense, inciting a riot can be unlawful. And the reason for this should be common sense: crowds don’t typically react with level-headed calm. Because panic spreads like wildfire, there are a series of regulations in place that apply to any public building to provide protective measures. The thought of public safety is why public spaces are required to have doors that open out, and why panic bars are strongly suggested, if not outright required. But there are more benefits to installing panic bars than just public safety. Here’s how they can benefit your business: 


Safety For Your Business

Yes, panic bars help prevent injury and other problems in the event that a lot of people need to leave a space quickly. But more than that, panic bars are also an excellent security measure to protect your business. When a panic bar is installed, the door can be opened easily from the inside; however, a door with a panic bar locks automatically and cannot be opened from the outside. In many cases, a door with a panic bar may not even have a handle or door knob on the outside. Since the panic bar locks the door automatically when shut, it’s a good way to shore up security and make sure an employee didn’t accidentally leave an exit unlocked after hours. 


Even More Security

Along those lines, calling your local business locksmith to install panic bars can boost your security in a few ways. Not only will they keep doors locked from the outside, but there are a variety of options for panic bars with integrated alarm sensors. With these options, even if a door is forced open, an alarm will sound and the relevant authorities will be alerted immediately. Since different businesses have different needs, and differently shaped doors, there are a range of different sizes and orientations, including some panic bars that run vertically. You don’t need to compromise security or public safety just because you have an oddly positioned door. 


Save on Expenses

You aren’t the only one who worries about your building’s safety; your insurance provider worries just as much about how secure your facility is because they are on the hook financially if something happens. So, when you add panic bars to provide better public safety measures and protect your building, your insurance providers will take notice. The couple-hundred-dollar bill from installation can easily be recouped by a reduction in insurance rates. At the very least, it’s worth calling your insurance provider to see what kind of savings you could get. 


A Secure Fit

When your local business locksmith comes to install your panic bars, they add even more security to the system. Panic bars are custom fit to the doors, so you can trust in sturdy, effective functioning. While the locksmith is installing your panic bars, they will be getting an up-close look at those doors and locks. You can ask them to keep an eye out for any concerns, though many locksmiths will warn you even if you don’t specifically ask. Since they’re already installing panic bars and dealing with each door’s locking mechanisms, this is the best time to make sure each door fits snugly in the door frame, and that all locks are in good working order. If there were any security concerns, they’ll likely get dealt with during the installation process. 

Affordable Security

Options like a video surveillance security system or paying for round-the-clock security guards can get expensive. Don’t worry, not all security measures are that pricey! Panic bars are a solid and affordable security option — and the good news is that even a low-tech, standard panic bar won’t break the bank. If you don’t have a huge budget for security, panic bars are a good starting point to ensure that your exterior doors are protected without overwhelming expense. 

From panic bars to high-security locks to access control, your local locksmith team can provide a wide range of security for any business. Connect with Firstline Locksmith for experienced business locksmith help in Paramus and across New Jersey. We can help with everything from lock repairs to access control system installation, so call today to schedule service!