As a business in Paramus, New Jersey, you need to be on the lookout for locksmith price scams. If you’re not sure what to look for, Firstline Locksmith is going to share with you some tips. But before we dive into the article, want you to know that no commercial locksmith work should be done until you know the locksmith you’ve called is legitimate. Allowing work prior to doing your due diligence may cost you a ton of money.

What To Ask for Before a Commercial Locksmith Provides Service

When it comes down to hiring a commercial locksmith for your business in Paramus, a single conversation over the phone may not be enough. You want to research professionals to make sure you’re choosing the best one for your project. Here are some questions to ask your next commercial locksmith:

Are you licensed?

Always ask if the locksmith is licensed. Then, follow up with another question: is the individual who will be providing the service from your company licensed? In some cases, you’ll find that a locksmith company is licensed, but their subcontractors are not. This is a red flag to go and find another locksmith somewhere else.

Are you insured?

Make sure the commercial locksmith you decide to choose is insured. Similar to a contractor, you want to make sure the professional you’re working with actually knows what they’re doing. A license number allows you to report them for any negligence in their work. For most, a licensed locksmith is going to hold up their end of the deal and do great work.

Are you bonded?

There are two categories of surety bonds when it comes to locksmiths: commercial and contract. The commercial bond allows locksmiths to work in specific industries, locations, or organizations like government, medical, or corporate. The contract bond simply guarantees the work of the locksmith at the highest level possible. You want to ask if the locksmith you’re about to work with is bonded, and then ask them which type of bond they have.

Commercial Locksmith Price Scam

For some, scamming businesses out of their money is the easiest way to do things. So they make the process of calling, quoting, servicing, and collecting a vague, abstract process. For example, a criminal may give you one price on the phone, show up and do the work, and then invoice you for something completely different. Now, it’s important to notice the difference between a legit commercial locksmith and one that’s running a scam.

The legit locksmith will let you know when there are unknown price increases before they do the work so that you can make a decision before they move forward. A scammer will look for opportunities to charge you more, even if they don’t do any extra work without communicating to you that it will cost more.

This simple price scam of quote, service, invoice is being done all over the United States, and it’s time you put the process on your radar.

The Quote

When you call into a commercial locksmith, they may be able to give you a rough estimate or quote over the phone. However, you want to make sure that the locksmith understands that the price may change once they actually see the services you need.

The Service

Before any service is provided, a proper commercial locksmith will assess what you need, get you an accurate price, and then let you decide if you want to move forward. Those who scam will simply dive into the work and upcharge you for anything they find along the way. In some cases, scammers will spend 30 minutes ruining your locks and then charge you for their time, not being able to fix your “problem.”

The Invoice

The quote you got on the phone shouldn’t match what you actually owe. The difference is that you already know what the invoice is going to say before the locksmith hands it to you. Always get an invoice for the work completed, but you should be able to pay for the locksmith service without having to see an invoice because your locksmith communicated effectively and let you decide if you wanted the work completed.

For a business that needs a commercial locksmith, nothing should be done by word of mouth. Get a contract, an estimate, and an invoice for every project you hire a locksmith for. It’s not enough to hope that the locksmith does their job properly. Most professional locksmiths will do a great job for you. However, that one who scams you is going to cost you a ton.

Firstline Locksmith: Your Commercial Locksmith Serving Paramus

As your commercial locksmith, Firstline Locksmith has been serving Paramus and all of New Jersey for years. Your business may need locksmith services, and we are the company to call. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded. Our reputation precedes us as one of the best commercial locksmiths in the area. Don’t hesitate and give us a call now to schedule your appointment.