You try to unlock your car door and it sticks. You use your key, but the assembly won’t turn. You try the remote, but your driver-side door-lock won’t budge. What happened? Why won’t it work? You start to feel annoyed and then frustrated. At Firstline Locksmith, we understand the feeling, and you’re not alone. Thousands of car owners in Paramus encounter stuck car-door locks every year, and they spend thousands to get it fixed. In most cases, one of the four tips we share in this post can help you get your car door lock back into working order so that you can save money and still use your car.

Four Car Door Lock Solutions

Don’t give up hope. You can get your car door lock unstuck without spending thousands to do so. Here are four best auto locksmith tips we have to offer:

Tip #1 – Lubricate and Clean The Lock

It may sound simple, but you may have grim, rust, or gunk jamming the lock. Sometimes a few rounds of lubrication can loosen the junk inside your lock and allow you to unlock it with your key. Gently use your car key and try using the car door lock manually after lubrication. This may be enough to jostle the grime and gunk free. Remember, do not use excessive force, as you do not want to break the key off in your lock. If this does not work, move onto the next tip.

Tip #2 – Repair The Lock

First, you have to get the door open. Once you do this, you can then determine if repairing the lock is a viable option. In some cases, it’s less expensive to repair the car door lock instead of replacing it. Repairs tend to be more complex than replacing the lock entirely. However, you can repair a car door lock and continue using it for a smaller cost than replacing the entire lock.

Tip #3 – Replace The Lock

If you cannot repair the car door lock, you will need to replace it. Keep in mind that replacing a car door lock involves replacing other related parts, too. Lock connections and mechanisms inside the door may need to be replaced as well. Your decision will be to weight the cost versus having a functional door lock.

Tip #4 – Hire A Locksmith

If you cannot figure out how to open your car door, do not know how to repair it, or cannot seem to determine which parts need to be replaced, it’s time you called a locksmith in Paramus to assist you. A local locksmith can help with your car door lock situation. Although you will be paying for labor and the parts, your car door will be functional once again.



What If The Car Door Won’t Close?

Do you need to use your car, but one of the doors won’t close due to a stuck door lock? At Firstline Locksmith, we do not advise you use your car until you fix your door. However, if you can manipulate it to close securely, you can be on your way in no time. Unfortunately, this is temporary solution. Here are some tips to get or keep your door closed until you can get it fixed:

  • Locate the door latch
  • Find the gap that’s supposed to catch the car door hasp
  • Use a pen, key, or other tool manipulate the latch
  • Push the latch up and toward your car
  • Then, close your door

This motion may take a few attempts to get it right, but you should be able to get your car door closed and secure before driving. In most cases, you will not want to lock your door again until you can get the door lock fixed, as you may get it stuck worse.

What If The Car Door Won’t Open?

The most common situation is a car door lock being stuck and won’t open. Here are the basic steps to get your car door open so that you can repair or replace your door lock:

  • Try opening the door with your key, remote, interior door lock, and handles.
  • If your access methods do not work, then remove the interior door panel.
  • Gain access to the door lock assembly
  • Manipulate door lock assembly to open door.

This is a temporary way to open your door until you can get your lock repaired or replaced.

Still struggling with your car door lock? Give Firstline Locksmith a call today. We serve Paramus, and we’re standing by to serve you.