Even a few years ago, watching someone unlock a door with the wave of a badge probably felt like something that belonged in a high-tech action movie, not everyday life. Even now, though, those keyless lock devices are becoming more widespread, but many business owners feel as if those measures are only for high-security needs, like banks and government facilities. As technology improves, those options become more advanced, but they also become more widely available for any business to use! If your business doesn’t have some sort of keyless lock or access control system, here’s why you may want one:


Take Your Business Keyless

While a deadbolt lock is one of the most difficult options to force open, a traditional lock and key setup does pose a big security risk: keys can easily be copied. Every manager and employee who has a copy of the building’s keys is a security weakness because there is no good way to verify whether they have made extra copies of the keys. Even keys marked with “do not copy” are routinely duplicated, so that isn’t a great precaution. According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, one in eight burglars tries to either pick the lock or obtain a key to their target. Going to a keyless system can help circumvent some of those concerns.


Restrict Access In Zones

Do you want to limit which employees can access certain areas within your building? Trying to provide access control strictly through traditional lock and key methods may mean you have to sort through a huge ring of different keys. A commercial locksmith can set up a master key system or other measures to make things easier, but going to a keyless lock system can really streamline the process. Keypad locks or access control points mean that only employees with the code or a badge that provides them with access can get into the secured areas. This way, you can limit who can access your business’s safe or, in the case of government buildings, restrict access based on clearance level or other measures.


Monitor Employee Access

One of the big benefits to an access control system, and even to some keyless lock options, is the ability to see who disengages a lock, and when. Especially for situations in which theft is a major concern, this provides a way of tracking those details without in-person monitoring. Access control systems allow you to track based on badge information or user IDs, and keypad locks give you the option to assign different codes for different individuals. That way, if someone disengages a lock after hours, you can easily see that information and often get instant notifications. The additional bonus as a business owner or manager is that you can quickly and easily nullify badge/code access when an employee leaves your employ — no more worrying about collecting all of their keys.


Provide Access By Level

An access control system is a great way to also limit access based on each employee’s management level. Administrators, supervisors, and users can be restricted on different levels by assigning the relevant level to their user ID. This is also a great way to restrict access to only employees in a certain department or role. For example, you can restrict access to record keeping areas for only the Human Resources employees, or for government employees with the right clearance level.


Get Better Security Flexibility

A small retail shop is going to have vastly different security needs than, say, a bank. The biggest boon of an access control system or keyless entry locks is that you can choose the level of control you need without compromising security. Both styles of locks are difficult to hack, giving you that added level of security. In addition, these systems can be set up to meet security needs based on building size, access points, security concerns, and so on. Work with your local commercial locksmith team to get a truly individualized solution.

Here at Firstline Locksmith, we want to bring the best security solutions based on your business’s needs. We have years of experience working with everything from office spaces to government facilities, and we can even provide regulation-compliant services for banks. Connect with us today to learn more about securing your Paramus business, or for professional locksmith help across New Jersey.