As we enter into May, home buying season is upon us. The next couple of months are the heaviest time of year for both buying and selling properties. There are a few reasons for this, including wanting to disrupt the school year as little as possible for the kiddos, and wanting to make use of better weather for those hard move-out and move-in days. Whatever your reason, moving into a new home should be an exciting time. It’s also a major investment, whether this is your first home or your fifteenth. Make sure that investment is well protected with a little help from your local locksmith. Here are some key ways to boost security when moving into a new home:


Rekey or Replace Locks

Whether your home is newly built or a historic property, the fact remains the same: there’s no telling how many people may have keys to your home. With a new build, contractors and subcontractors may still have copies. With older homes, the previous residents may have made key copies that were given to family members, neighbors, or service people like babysitters and housekeepers. The easiest way to boost home security quickly is to make sure none of those old keys will unlock your doors. Rekeying does this without changing the lock hardware, while lock replacement can get rid of those old, grimy locks and replace them with something that both looks better and functions better.


Check The Door Closures

Hinges, doorknobs, and door closers can weaken and wear down over time. This is a concern because any of those can be a weak spot for potential burglars to force their way in. While the locksmith is there rekeying or replacing your locks, ask them to check that your doors are hanging properly, and that all door closures are functioning the way they should be. This will not only provide better security, but it will also help ensure your doors don’t get stuck or hang too loosely so you don’t have to fight to get them closed.


Consider A Security System

You likely looked at area crime reports before you put an offer on your home, which means you know what the general concerns are for your neighborhood. If burglary is a concern, it’s very worthwhile to consider adding a security system — after all, more than half of surveyed burglars said they would choose another target if a security system was present. Even if burglary isn’t a current concern in your area, adding a security system can provide peace of mind as well as give you and your family protection going forward.


Plan Spare Key Locations Wisely

It’s a great idea to have a spare key or two made, just in case you lose one or happen to get locked out of the house. In those instances, you want your spares to be handy but not somewhere a burglar could easily find them. Don’t try that hiding-a-key-in-a-fake-rock trick! Instead, give a copy to someone who lives nearby that you know you can trust, like a family member or close friend. For spare keys kept in your home, make sure they’re stored out of sight — but placed somewhere you’ll remember them.


Do Some Landscaping

Most would-be burglars rely on opportunity and force to find their way into homes. One simple way to protect your home is to ensure that there aren’t any barriers that would protect a burglar from view. Bushes, fences, and other landscaping favorites can also be burglar favorites because they provide somewhere a burglar can hide while they work to jimmy open a window or pick a lock. When you move into a new home, consider your landscaping and trim back or remove any big bushes near your home that would shelter a burglar from view.

In order to find these weak spots, as well as any other potential concerns, we suggest starting your move-in process with a security assessment. You can schedule this alongside your rekeying or lock replacement, and we recommend doing these things practically as soon as you have the keys in hand — even before you move your furniture in! Your local locksmith can point out potential security weaknesses as well as provide the services to fix those gaps. For locksmith help in Newark and across New Jersey, connect with Firstline Locksmith today.