In our last blog post, Firstline Locksmith in Newark offered up tips for you to keep track of your apartment complex’s keys, from creating an organizational system to installing a safe with limited access. As the best commercial locksmith company in Newark, we offer a variety of locksmith services to meet your needs, from emergency lockout services to changing out locks. We understand how hard you work as a small business owner, a property manager, or an entrepreneur. It’s our mission to help you protect your assets and limit your liabilities so you can continue to offer your goods and services and change the world as only you can.

Firstline Locksmith in Newark, like you, laments the fact that it’s necessary to keep things under lock and key. Yet, human nature doesn’t change, and when an opportunity presents itself to steal, many will. That’s why we exist and why we offer commercial locksmith services — to help you stay true to your mission. In this blog post, we’ll continue our informative series with five more tips to keep track of your apartment complex’s keys. Contact us today!


  1. Stay on top of who has what keys. Back in the day, a careful, hand-written log had to be kept of all the keys handed out to tenants and returned to tenants. Nowadays, it’s easy to keep track of your apartment keys and who has what with a simple Excel spreadsheet. Firstline Locksmith in Newark recommends that you note what keys the tenant has when they move in and what keys they have when they move out. A good way to save money as well on all future locksmith services, such as key replacement services, is to institute a key replacement fee. This will not only give your tenants incentive for keeping track of your keys, but it will also help offset the cost of rekeying and lost and/or stolen key replacement services by your apartment complex.
  2. Marking keys “do not duplicate” works. While this may seem cheesy to you, marking keys with the words “do not duplicate” will help to prevent miscellaneous keys being produced and floating around. Any reputable locksmith, such as Firstline Locksmith in Newark, and other key services will respect that and not make duplicate keys, adding another layer of security your tenants will come to enjoy.
  3. Go over key rules with tenants. Many harmful or flippant things people do is not because they do it on purpose, but because they just don’t know any better. Having a key policy in place that you review with tenants and even have them sign is a great way to raise safety awareness around keys and locks. Firstline Locksmith in Newark recommends that you emphasize the importance of keeping their keys safe and secure at all times for safety reasons and that they shouldn’t label their key in any manner, making it easy for a burglar if lost to use. Personal responsibility for safety gives your tenants ownership and helps prevent future problems.
  4. Invest in alternative locks. While locks and keys are great, with the advent of technology, there are more ways to skin a cat. By investing in keypads, this can save you costs on locksmith services from Firstline Locksmith in Newark. A keypad is easy to change the code to and avoids tenants from coming to you when they lose their keys. Temporary passwords can be employed with keypads, making giving access to repairmen easy. You can also invest in access cards, like what hotels use, for common areas such as the pool or the laundry facility. This prevents the rekeying of everyone’s key when one of these common area keys goes missing.
  5. Always change the locks out or rekey between tenants. This is a necessary step for liability reasons. There’s just too much at stake these days to leave it to chance that an old key won’t fall into the wrong hands. Take it from us, the lock experts. It’s better to hedge all bets. The last thing you need is a lawsuit on your hands. Luckily, Firstline Locksmith in Newark can help with rekeying and lock replacement services.


Firstline Locksmith in Newark loves what we do. We help people every day stay safe and secure with our top-rated commercial locksmith services. From keeping your cash and important papers safe to helping you when you do lock yourself out of your apartment or place of business, we’re here when you need us. With over 25 years in the commercial locksmith business, we understand how important it is to keep your assets and products safe and secure. We employ only the top staff who have years of locksmith training under their belt. We invest in continual training, so we can stay abreast of technology. With the advent of better security methods such as keyless entry, keypads, and access cards, it’s important that your commercial locksmith company can handle both high-tech security systems and safes, as well as your common, everyday old-school locks.

Here at Firstline Locksmith in Newark, our mission is to keep you safe. We travel where you are at your convenience. When you partner with us for your commercial locksmith services, you can rest assured that your office space, apartment building, or corporate center will be protected. Contact us today to get started!