With the end of October, we dive headlong into The Holiday Season. From now until the new year begins, there’ll be an uptick in parties, family get togethers, and other festive fun. As businesses, this is great because it generally means a matching uptick in sales! Whether it’s holiday shopping, dining out, or simply preparing for the end of the year, consumers are a lot more likely to get out and spend their hard-earned cash in these last few months. 

Of course, this trend is common knowledge, so would-be burglars also plan accordingly. With the increase in traffic and sales, the holiday season is also prime time for break-ins and theft. In order to make sure your business is prepared for the upcoming security concerns, start with these tips to review everything from top to bottom. Then, connect with your local Newark locksmith team for a security assessment, lock repair, access control system set-up, and more.


Review Security Procedures

First things first, check the measures you already have in place — and this includes both digital and physical security measures. Before things get really crazy, take time to review your security processes; check electronic locks and alarm systems, do a thorough review of your cybersecurity processes, and generally make sure that everything is functioning the way it should. Go door to door and make sure every lock is working properly, both the electronic and manual locks, and call for lock repair to get any malfunctioning locks fixed up. 

This is also the time to make sure your staff all know what is expected of them in terms of the building’s security. This is a good time to send out an annual security review notice to check that everyone is on the same page. We also recommend highlighting protocols for inviting guests into the workplace, how to secure property if someone will be away for vacation, and what to do in case of an emergency. 


Update/Upgrade After-Hours Security

Now that you’ve gone through and reviewed your security procedures from top to bottom, it’s time to shore up your defenses. If you didn’t work with a commercial locksmith on your security review, this is the point at which you’ll want to connect with your local locksmith team. Since the holiday season is so busy, you’ll want to make sure your security is in tip-top shape to provide protection when everyone goes home for the night. Connecting with your local locksmith company will provide a good double-check that your security measures are still in good shape, and offer updates or upgrades to make sure your after-hours security is really top-notch. 


Plan For Increased Open-Hours Security

Of course, the other side of the coin is that most businesses see a pretty strong increase in foot traffic this time of year. Do you have a plan to protect your employees and your business with so many extra people around? Now is the time to prepare. This may mean hiring some additional staff, reviewing how to secure valuables, and updating your operating hours with your security team and access control system. This will provide an added layer of protection against dropped balls between shifts or upon closing for the evening. 


Audit Your POS System Now

If you run a retail business or anything with a point of sale system, it’s time to run an audit. Your POS system is likely to see a lot more work in the coming weeks. It’s also a vulnerable part of your business’s operations. Running an audit is a good way to make sure your POS system is operating correctly, has up-to-date digital security, and so on. Don’t wait until the height of the holiday shopper crush to audit your POS system, and definitely, don’t wait for something to go wrong with your POS system at this busy time of year!

Schedule For Staffing Shortages

The other detail to remember is that more employees are likely to take time off in the coming months. Between that and the increase in customers, make sure you schedule your staff appropriately. If you need help bolstering your security presence or manning the sales floor, this is a good time to look into seasonal help or working with a temp agency to bolster your staff.

Don’t let your Newark business get caught unaware this holiday season. Connect with Firstline Locksmith for experienced, local commercial locksmith services to protect your business!