With the number of different viruses out there, you surely conduct routine security assessments on your business’s software and hardware — so why not do the same for your business’s physical security? A security assessment provided by a knowledgeable commercial locksmith can help pick up on any potential holes in your business’s security, catch small issues before they become a bigger concern, and help ensure your high-tech security measures keep up with changing technology, among other services. Here are a few key times to consider calling your local commercial locksmith service for a business security assessment.


It’s Been A While

If you can count the time since your last security risk assessment in years, odds are good it’s time for a refresher. Think of it a bit like getting a roof inspection: you don’t want to wait until the roof caves in to have it checked out. Similarly, you don’t want to wait until the aftermath of a break-in to have your security measures checked. These days, technology is improving at a rapid-fire rate, so it’s more important than ever to ensure both your digital and physical security are keeping up with the changes. Trusting a commercial locksmith with your security assessment means a thorough investigation into how well your locks are holding up, but also how well your security system is providing protection in the face of better technology.


Crime Rates Are Rising

As a responsible business owner or manager, you probably pay close attention to the crime rates in your area — especially to the rate of burglaries. If you’ve noticed that burglary rates are going up around you, this could be a big warning sign that your business may be next on the list. This is not the time to have a loose lock or a window that doesn’t quite close. A thorough security assessment can find those little problems, repair them, and offer suggestions for improving security to help prevent your business from becoming a statistic.


Key-Holder Changes

Businesses face employee turnover. That’s simply a fact that comes with running any kind of business. However, with turnover comes an increase in security weaknesses — especially if the former employee was a key-holder or had any sort of access to a safe, important documents, or other security concerns. Hopefully you have an access control system that can be easily updated to bar that person from entry. However, also consider whether that person was a key holder and had access to important assets or secure information. In those instances, lock rekeying and updating any safe/vault codes can provide a security boost. A security assessment will catch those potential gaps and help correct them without a major impact on your daily operations.


Moving Facilities

Whether we’re talking about residential or commercial locksmith needs, any time you move into a new location, it’s important to consider the security carefully. Rekeying and installing new locks are both great ways to update the security quickly. In addition, consider whether there is a security system already in place or whether one will be needed (and what kind will provide the best protection). Consider a security check on the old location as well as the new, to ensure you have all of your assets safely removed from the previous facility.


Business Growth

Are you adding new employees at a rapid pace? Or maybe you’re downsizing. In either case, a big point of concern for commercial locksmithing in particular is helping you take control of who has access to your business. In times of growth or downsizing, that access control is more important than ever, so it can be helpful to have a commercial locksmith perform a security assessment to verify that current measures are still working as they should. We can also modify your existing security system to provide the access control necessary to keep up with the changes happening without compromising security.

If you feel like your Newark business is at risk, start with a security assessment. Here at Firstline Locksmith, we can help with everything from lock repair and commercial lock installation to rekeying, keyless entry lock installation, vault/safe servicing, and so much more to provide protection for your business. Contact us today for experienced commercial locksmith services in Newark and across New Jersey.