Whether you’re using security cameras to keep an eye on your home or your business, they do very little to actually protect your property. For example, a guard dog on a short leash is useless. They may have a loud bark, but if they can’t protect the property, they simply cause a lot of noise. That’s why security cameras (and most alarms) should be supplementary to actual building security measures like door locks and burglar-proof windows. A guard dog without a leash is more like a solid steel door with a high-security deadbolt. In this post, we share the six ways your security cameras are not protecting your property and what to do about it.

Six Ways Security Cameras Do Not Protect Your Property

#1 – Criminals Do Not Worry About Cameras

A quick and easy way to get past a camera is to wear a mask of some kind. Furthermore, any kind of burglary that happens at dusk, dawn, or in the evening can give your security camera trouble “identifying” the criminal. For the most part, criminals can avoid cameras altogether to break into a home or building.

Installing cameras helps deter the less bold of the criminals, but it won’t get rid of all of them. In some cases, cameras indicating you have something of value to protect.

#2 – Security Cameras Do Not Stop The Crime

Yes, security cameras can deter a lot of potential criminals from targeting your home or business; however, they do not stop any crimes from happening directly. A criminal that’s not worried about your cameras will still commit the crime and most likely get away from it. The best home or business security measures involve cameras, alarms, locks, and more. Just a security camera will record the crime and do nothing more.

#3 – Cameras Can Be Disabled Or Stolen

In some cases, criminals will skip the break-in and go for the cameras. Security cameras, if expensive enough, are a target for theft, too. This is why installing them out of sight or too high to steal from the ground makes it harder but not impossible. For the most part, criminals will not waste their time with cameras, but it is a possibility.

#4 – Footage Does Not Guarantee Justice

It is possible that you get footage of the criminal committing the crime. However, if there is not a clear shot of the criminal’s face or easily identifiable features, your camera essentially recorded the burglar’s highlight reel. Furthermore, there have been some court cases where the criminal was clearly identified with video, but did not get convicted. As odd as that sounds, it is possible.

#5 – Cameras May Not Influence Criminals To Stop

If a criminal is in the act of breaking into a home or commercial business and they notice cameras filming them, they may not stop. In some cases, the fact that they got over the initial rush of consequence, they’re now committed. Again, cameras are simply tools to supplement physical security measures.

#6 – Security Cameras Do Not Restrict Access

Cameras record what happens, but they do not restrict access to the building. Again, they may deter the criminal initially or whilst in the act; however, the camera itself does nothing to stop a crime. It would make much more sense to install physical security measures like high-security door locks and deadbolts for both homes and businesses.

Physical Security Measures To Consider

If you want to secure your business, as well as use security cameras, consider installing the following items:

When you add physical security measures in tandem with security cameras, you increase your chances of deterring or stopping criminals from breaking into your home or business. The worst feeling in the world is discovering your home or business has been broken into and you could have done more to stop it.

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