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It’s safe to say that we’ve all been in a desperate situation when we’ve been locked out and needed assistance immediately in order to get back into where you need to be. The easiest thing to do in this type of situation is to either break a window (for car or home lockouts) or to call a local locksmith. 

Because of the nature of their job, it is essential to hire a locksmith that you can trust. This is the person you need to be able to confide what needs to be unlocked, which could lead them to be with you alone, at or in your home, and could know what you have locked in a safe such as money and firearms. 

Being in a situation that requires a locksmith’s help can be very stressful, and hiring a locksmith that is dishonest can be dangerous for you and your family. In this blog, we will provide tips on how you can protect yourself from a locksmith scam and how to find a legitimate locksmith business. 

Questions And Research Are Key

Get it? All jokes aside, the very first thing you need to do when looking for a reputable locksmith company is to do as much research on them as you can, which includes visiting their website to check reviews and calling to ask thorough questions. If they cannot provide detailed answers to questions such as how they plan to unlock the door or what the estimated cost will be, then don’t hire them. 

When researching for a locksmith, always check for someone local and who would be easy to find. Google their business address, ask your friends and family if they have experienced that service, and make sure that the person who answers your call has an actual business name and doesn’t greet you as just, “local locksmith.” If you have a chance to research, then your chances of being scammed will decrease. 

Do Not Allow Them To Drill Your Lock

When your locksmith does show up to help you unlock a door and insists that the only way they’ll be able to get you back in is by drilling and replacing the lock, don’t permit them to do so. This is a pretty major indication that your locksmith isn’t legitimate, because no experienced locksmith should have to resort to that option. 

The reason that drilling a lock is so suspicious is that if they have to replace your lock, then it will cost you a lot more money than they might have originally quoted you. One of the only reasons you would need a regular lock drilled is if there were several attempts to pick the lock that failed, and there is no other option. 

Drilling is not completely uncommon, as this may be the only method for locksmiths to do their jobs when trying to help someone access something that is secured by a high-security lock. These types of locks are more complex than a typical lock and are specifically designed to prevent someone from picking it open. These locks require specialized keys, and if a customer has a high-security lock on their door, they would definitely know it. 

Pay attention To The Quoted Price And Any Additional Charges 

If the locksmith you’ve hired gives you an initial quoted price and then charges you a much larger amount once the job is complete, this is a major red flag that this locksmith is trying to scam you. 

As we discussed in the previous section, locksmiths who are trying to scam you will try to drill your lock and charge you way more than the amount that was originally quoted. If you refuse to pay, they might threaten to call the police if you don’t pay them. Understand that if a locksmith seems very suspicious, your best chance is to call their bluff and call the police to report them, because what they’re doing is extremely illegal. 

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