As a business owner or office manager, you need to know the weaknesses and vulnerability of your building. You have more than your job on the line if a robbery were to take place. Crimes can take place in any type of business, store, or bank. You want to be ahead of the crime so that if it does happen, your building, assets, and people are secure. In this article, Firstline Locksmith is going to discuss theft, burglary, robbery, and how to tell if your business is at risk for any of them.

What’s The Difference Between Theft, Burglary, and Robbery?

No business owner, manager, or supervisor wants a crime liek theft, burglary, or robbery to occur in their building. However, it’s best that you understand what the difference is between the three so you can secure your building with the help of a professional commercial locksmith. Here are the differences between theft, burglary, and robbery:

What Is Theft?

As the most common crime committed on commercial properties, theft affects commercial businesses all over the nation. A theft is when an individual takes property from an individual or business without them knowing and with the intent of keeping the property permanently. Grocery and retail stores are the most common commercial establishments that encounter this type of crime. Although most of the items stolen from these kinds of stores are small and cost very little, the crime still affects the reputation and operating cost of the business.

What Is Burglary?

Burglary and theft are very closely related; however, burglary occurs when an individual enters an establishment with the intent to take property that is not theirs. In most cases, burglary can include successful and unsuccessful attempts, but the charge is slightly different than theft. In fact, simply attempting to enter the property with the intent to steal is considered robbery. For example, an individual that makes the attempt to enter a building through a window can be charged for burglary. This crime tends to affect the reputation and perception of a business, unless property damage is committed. Then, cost to repair your property is needed.

What Is Robbery?

A robbery occurs when an individual uses force to take property belonging to someone else or a business. The damages from robbery can be emotional, physical, and monetary. Businesses with low security tend to be targets for robbery. What’s more, businesses with valuable property items are more likely to be targeted like a high-end retail or jewelry establishments.

Commercial Business Crime Statistics

All business owners, property managers, and branch managers need to be aware that their businesses are at risk. You need to take proactive measures to reduce the risk of being targeted for a crime, and then implementing security to reduce the chances of a successful crime attempt. What’s more, the 2017 FBI: UCR report shows more than 7.5 million property crimes were committed across the nation. If you’re a business in Newark, you need to seriously consider how secure your establishment is and what you can do to improve said security.

How A Locksmith Can Help Secure Your Business

If you’re looking to use locksmith services for your commercial business, you want to know how it will help keep your building, assets, and people safe. Here are five ways a commercial locksmith can help:

#1. Access Control Systems

Who has access to your business? This is one of the most common questions that most property managers, branch managers, and business owners have a tough time answering. They tend to have a general idea of who enters and exits the building throughout the day, but they do not have accurate data. An access control system gives you administrative control who has access to your building.

#2. High Security Locks

Whether during business hours or not, high security locks for your business will help keep out and deter property crime. One of the worst feelings is discovering your building has been broken into through a door you did not install a high security lock on. Don’t wait for a crime to occur. Take action now. Call your local commercial locksmith serving Newark.

#3. Security Cameras

What if you could see and record what happens around your building. Granted, cameras do not stop crime from occurring, but it does allow you to bring evidence to the proper authorities of the nefarious activity.

#4. Commercial Door Installation

Replace your current doors with commercial-grade security doors. High security commercial door locks are also a great investment. Possible entry points into you building need to be fortified to decrease the chance of forced entry if a criminal decides to target your building.

Firstline Locksmith: Your Locksmith For Commercial Businesses

Don’t wait until a criminal targets your business. You want to increase your building security and decrease the chance of a crime successfully occurring while on your property. A great way to do that is to give Firstline Locksmith a call. We are licensed, insured, and bonded as a locksmith company serving Newark.