It can be tempting to assume a burglar won’t target your home. But you may be surprised that a burglary happens, on average, every 13 seconds across the nation. A large majority of burglaries happen during the day, too. What’s more, 34 percent of burglars use the front door to get inside homes, whether locked or unlocked. With all that being said, what’s the chance of your home being targeted? The data shows a wide range of numbers, but, typically, it’s one home per neighborhood in a given year — the neighborhood having 35 houses or more.

In this post, Firstline Locksmith wants to address some of the fear you may be experiencing, now that you are aware of the data. In fact, we encourage you to improve or upgrade your home security measures to better protect your family.

5 Home Security Tips

Tip #1 – Burglarize Yourself

If you were to break into your own home, how would you go about doing it? Do you hide a spare key under a decor item on the back porch? Does one of your windows have a broken lock that you can take advantage of? Use your knowledge of your own home to shore up any opportunities for burglars to gain access into your home.

Tip #2 – Always Lock Your Doors And Windows

Whether you’re going on a 15 minute jog around the block or a 15 day cruise through the Mediterranean, lock up your house. An experienced burglar can break into a home, take what they want, and leave in as little as 10 minutes. If they’ve been eyeing your home for a few days, then they’ve made some educated guesses on your routine and they’re awaiting their chance to get inside your home while you’re gone.

Tip #3 – Move Into A New Home? Change The Locks

Did you know a new home, whether new construction or simply new ownership, is at risk for break ins more than a home that’s been lived in for a decade?

Here’s why: new construction homes in a given suburb or neighborhood have a master key, or two, that can access all the homes. When you move into your newly constructed home, the locks typically are not changed or rekeyed. This means that if someone were to lose the master key, your home is vulnerable.



Furthermore, if you move into an existing home, you do not know the home security history of the prior tenants. This means keys could exist in the hands of the wrong people. Make sure and change your locks when you move into a new home.

Tip #4 – Hide Security System Wiring

An experienced burglar will look for a way to disconnect or disable an alarm system or security cameras to make their attempt at accessing your home that much easier. The best way to remedy this situation is to go check all external security features for exposed wire. Then, hide the wire or make it difficult to access from the outside.

Tip #5 – Use House Cleaning Services? Triple Check Their Reputation And Credentials

Consider all those you allow into your home for services like cleaning, landscaping, or construction. Can you trust them? A forgotten unlocked door after a house cleaner vacates leaves your home at risk. The same goes for home construction. You want to make sure those working on or in your home can be trusted. Check their reputation, ask for references, and do your due diligence.

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