It can be hard to accept that your business will be targeted for crime, but you can do something about it to prevent loss of assets and employees. You can put the proper locksmith products between your business and the burglars.

In this article, Firstline Locksmith will be sharing the strongly suggested locksmith services and products we recommend to prevent criminals from gaining access to your business. If you want to learn more about how you can secure your business, give us a call today. As your commercial locksmith serving Newark, New Jersey and the surrounding region, we’re here to assist you.

Commercial Locksmith Services to Consider

Don’t let your business become a burglary statistic. Did you know 19.1 percent of property crimes were categorized as burglary? In 2017 alone, there were more than 7.6 million property crime offenses across the nation. Your business may seem safe, but not taking preventive measures is only going to cost you money later.

Secure Your Primary Doors and Windows

This means updating the door frame, the door itself, and the locking mechanisms on that door. A dead bolt on a hollow interior door is near useless. However, your primary exterior doors can be reinforced with steel all-around, including a high-security deadbolt and lock, which increases security. Make sure and secure your side and back doors as primary doors, too.

What’s more, you want to secure your primary, first-level windows, too. If you do not secure these windows, they quickly become a point of entry for burglars when they don’t see a way in through a door.

Here are some basic commercial locksmith services to consider:

#1. Door Frame

You can do some research and find a steel reinforced door frame that you can replace your current frame with, if it’s not steel. This frame helps secure the door in the structure better than a wood or aluminum frame.

#2. Reinforced Door

Make sure that your door is also reinforced in some way. A steel reinforced door is great for keeping burglars out. These doors tend to be thicker, heavier, and more durable when facing break-in attempts.

#3. Dead Bolt

Your average deadbolt is resilient, but it’s not enough to stop a determined burglar. A good exterior deadbolt will resist an attempted break-in for quite some time. The goal is to make it difficult enough for the burglar to break-in, but not so difficult that it costs you a fortune to install and/or replace after an attempt.

#4. Lock and Key

While a reinforced frame, door, and dead bolt may be enough to keep burglars out, you will want to consider a high security lock and key. A lock and key can be a last line of defense, or just another indicator to potential criminals that this is the wrong door to try and break into. In most cases, the more secure something looks, the less likely a criminal will make an attempt at bypassing your security measures.

#5. Reinforce Window Frames

Similar to your doors, reinforce the frames around your windows. You can either buy new frames or use some form of metal to make sure that the frames of your windows are not easily broken. This only helps with burglars attempting to enter your business through this unlikely access point.

#6. Reinforce The Windows

You can reinforce your windows with locks, latches, and more. You can also buy high-security windows, too, that include burglar-proof glass, security latches, and reinforced features to prevent break-ins. The more preventive measures you take now, the less you’ll have to deal with later.

#7. Motion-Activated Lights

While burglars make most of their actions during the day between the hours of six a.m. and six p.m., the cover of darkness is preferred so that they are not seen easily. This is why motion-activated lights around the perimeter of your building, as well as over your primary entrance doors and windows puts a spotlight on those in the area. Utilizing light to deter criminals helps increase security.

#8. Security Camera

Adding security cameras reduces crime enough to make them worth the installation. However, security cameras also help catch those who do attempt to break into your business. If you aren’t able to prosecute, you can at least discover more weak points to your business security. Finally, cameras deter criminals, showing that you mean business when it comes to keeping your assets and employees safe.

#9. Commercial Security Audit

Not sure about the security level of your business? It’s time to call in a commercial locksmith for a security audit. A professional locksmith can help you determine areas of strength and weakness, as well as ways to improve your security. As a professional commercial locksmith, you will get industry knowledge that can help you advance your businesses security measures in the right direction.

Firstline Locksmith: Your Commercial Locksmith serving all of New Jersey

At Firstline Locksmith, we are licensed, bonded, and insured to take care of your commercial locksmith needs in Newark and beyond. You’re not alone in determining how to make your business more secure and prevent potential burglaries. Improving business security is an investment not only in your company, but in the assets and people the security measures will keep safe.

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