It can be frustrating when your car door lock decides to get stuck in the locked position. No matter how many times you try to unlock with your key, it won’t budge. You may consider giving a local locksmith in Newark a call to assist in getting back into your car. However, before you give usa call, consider the following tips and tricks we share in this post. You may surprise yourself and get your door open, fixed, and back into working order without spending hundreds.

Diagnose The Stuck Car Door Lock

The first step in getting your car door unlocked so you can diagnose the problem. Once you understand more about why your door is stuck in the locked position, you can then begin to work on getting it open and fixed. Here are some general issues to look for:

Grime, Rust, or Jamming

One of the most common “locked” car door situations is when a key breaks off in the lock itself. This is when you would need to remove the key or replace the lock. However, there are other reasons why your car door lock could be broken. Rust or grime may be jamming the internal mechanisms to the point of improper function. You may also find that a foreign object made it inside the lock and is jamming the mechanism. Check for both.

First, check the keyway. Attempt to insert your key into the keyway. If it does not slide all the way in, you have a jammed keyway. An object, rust, or grime is blocking the key’s entry into the slot.

If the keyway is clear and you cannot unlock the door with key or remote, you may have a more serious car door lock issue. However, you can start by lubricating the assembly and attempting to use the key to turn it. This is may take a few attempts, but if rust or grime is the issue, the lubrication may be able to clear it. If not, you’ve got a bigger issue.

Connections Broken

In general, if your car door lock is stuck in the locked position it can be from any of the internal or external mechanism connections being broken. This means that if you turn the assembly in the lock, a connection to the door lock could be disconnected or broken enough to disable the lock.

If you want to fix this issue, you will need to repair the broken connections. You may be asking, “how do I repair broken car door lock connections if I cannot get the door open?” Great question! Can you open other door locks on your vehicle? Can you get inside otherwise? It may take some effort, but if you can get the door open, you can fix the connections. You will need replacement parts, but you may not know what you need until you get the door disassembled.

Structural Damage

After a car accident or if someone attempts to break into your car, there could be structural damage causing your car door lock to remain stuck in the locked position. Something as simple as another person slamming a car door into yours could cause issues. Do not rule out the grocery cart that smashed into the side of your car after rolling across the parking lot unattended.

In most cases, the hardest part about a structurally damaged door is getting it open, whether the car door lock is stuck in the locked position or not. However, if you can get the car door open, you can begin to assess the damage of the lock and get it fixed. This tends to require new parts.



If you’re struggling to get the car door open or you aren’t entirely sure which parts to order, you can contact your locksmith in Newark for assistance. After years of serving the area and greater New Jersey, you can trust Firstline Locksmith to get the job done right the first time.

Get The Car Door Open

This is, as mentioned above, the hardest part of the process. If your car door lock is stuck in the locked position, you will need to bypass or disable the lock so you can gain access to the car.

Use whatever means necessary to get the door open. In most cases, you can get the door open by removing the internal panels and manually disabling the lock. In other instances, you will need to hire a professional locksmith in Newark to help you regain access to the door.

Still can’t get into your car? Give Firstline Locksmith a call today for auto locksmith services!