Keyless entry locks are a great way to provide flexible, hassle-free security for any business — no matter how large or small. They offer a helpful way of eliminating physical keys and controlling who has access to your business, or even to certain areas of your business. With simpler electronic locks, scannable/swipeable cards or a PIN can be programmed to unlock each lock. The goal is to allow you to make some spaces accessible to employees by not clients, or only to some employees. Of course, as technology has improved, options for keyless entry locks have also advanced.


Why Keyless Entry Locks?

The clearest benefit to electronic door locks is the ability to eliminate physical keys. For businesses, this reduces hassle a lot because you can stop worrying about losing that heavy key ring full of keys just for different doors around your facility. Getting rid of physical keys is also a great way to boost security. With physical keys, there is no good way to track whether an employee makes a copy, nor can you track each time a key is used. 

With electronic locks, nearly every option these days gives you a way to create individual credentials for every employee. This way, you can track when employees are entering. If there is ever a concern, like theft or vandalism, those trackable credentials can be used by the police as evidence to track the perpetrator. 

Whether you want to use a PIN for each employee, have everyone scan in biometrically, or use a key card to disengage the lock, there are typically two main types of connected electronic locks on the market: bluetooth and wi-fi locks. Here’s what you need to know about how each type of keyless entry lock works: 


Bluetooth Locks

Yes, this is the same technology that lets you connect your wireless headphones or your smartwatch to your cell phone. Bluetooth smart locks offer the big benefit of easy, hands-free use. Generally, these keyless entry locks will disengage as soon as the sensor is within range. It’s a great option in particular for businesses that rely on cleanliness, or those with employees who have to come and go with hands full. With many bluetooth smart locks, you can also assign individual security tokens to each employee. The locks will save a log of users so you can check to see who accesses each lock. 

The potential downsides are similar in a way, to physical keys. While they cannot be as easily duplicated, it is possible for an employee to hand off their security token and anyone can use it to gain access to your facility. You cannot easily track whether the assigned employee is using their token, or if someone has stolen it — unless you use security cameras in conjunction with these keyless entry locks. There are also concerns about how easily a bluetooth lock can be hacked, but that will depend on the encryption and other security, not just the bluetooth signal. 


Wi-Fi Locks

There is a wide variety of wi-fi connected electronic locks on the market. The most common option are those that use a key code to operate, but can also include remote controls, biometrics, and even smartphone apps. As with bluetooth locks, you can assign individual credentials to each employee so you can easily track all of that information. The biggest benefit to wi-fi connected electronic locks is that you can access your lock security information from anywhere. Say, for example, an employee quits unexpectedly. There’s no need to worry about collecting a key, remote, or key card; simply deactivate their credentials. 

With wi-fi connected locks, you get improved ease of use because you don’t need to worry about being within a certain range. You can update information, check logs, and more from anywhere you have an internet connection. And, because designers were thinking when they created these keyless entry locks, they are designed to keep working, even if a power outage knocks off the wi-fi connection. 

Professional Access Control Help

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