When it comes to keeping a business safe, we talk a lot about proactive measures an owner can take to make their facility more secure. From commercial locks to access control systems, there are myriad options out there that can help your business be secure. But what many business owners don’t consider is the secondary portion of that. You’re taking the time to bolster security, but what is being done to make your business less of a target to burglars in the first place? Now, we aren’t trying to imply that you can skip security measures if your business isn’t a target. Instead, consider this another layer of security for your business. The less appealing of a target your business presents, the less likely your security measures will be tested. If you’re looking for ways to boost business security, consider these ways you can make your business less of a target for thieves.


Don’t Invite Thieves In

Sure, it sounds like common sense when we put it that way, but what does it mean to not invite thieves in? Don’t leave your doors wide open, to begin with. For many retail businesses and public spaces, open doors are a necessity to welcome in customers. Unfortunately, this is also a prime way to invite in thieves. A security system can help monitor things during the day, but when your business shuts down for the day, it doesn’t need to continue being so inviting. Make sure all windows and doors are closed, and consider options like blinds or a roll-down security grate to further obstruct the view. It can be worthwhile to have a security system that tells you when a door is ajar or a window is open, to ensure that everything is safely shut each night.


Remove Appealing Goods From View

Along with making your business less welcoming outside business hours, it’s also a good idea to minimize things that would lure a burglar to your business. This can be a lot more difficult for retail stores in particular because such a major part of marketing your business is window displays and advertising. As much as possible, move valuable assets out of view when you close up shop each day. That may mean moving some items out of a window display or blocking items from view. The other big component, especially if there are assets you can’t remove from view, is to make it obvious that those items are guarded by a security system.


Leave The Lights On

In our eco-conscious society, there has been a bigger push lately to conserve energy. That’s all well and good, but there is a reason so many businesses started leaving their lights on all night to begin with. When the lights are on at night, there are fewer places for a burglar to hide if they do manage to get inside. Another good option, if you want to conserve energy, is to clear away impediments on either side of doors and windows, and remove any obvious hiding places. That way, if a burglar does manage to break in, there won’t be anything to disguise them if someone walked past. Similarly, clear away bushes or any other large decorative items near entries or windows so there is nothing for a thief to hide behind while trying to break in.


Shore Up Your Locks

A dingy, rusted lock is practically begging to be broken. It’s important to have solid-looking, properly installed locks on any exterior doors to encourage burglars to move along. If a burglar sees where a door is hanging poorly from a weak hinge, or if there is a gap where they could force the lock open with minimal effort, they may try to do so — without any other kind of plan. According to a burglary study, roughly 41% of burglars said targets were picked at the spur of the moment, and of those that did plan, they typically moved on a target 1–3 days after choosing it. Having quality locks are a good deterrent because they cannot be forced as quickly as a burglar might desire. In particular, commercial locks and other difficult-to-pick lock options are a good deterrent.

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