In part one of this blog series, Firstline Locksmith, the best commercial locksmith company in Jersey City, discussed steps to take when you were locked out of your commercial safe. We discussed various steps you can take in order to gain access to your commercial safe, from calling the safe company to finding out if you have a key override. This may have left you wondering: just how does a safe company gain access to (or legally break into) your safe? We’ll answer that question here. As the best commercial locksmith company in Jersey City, we can help with all of your business locksmith needs, from rekeying to installing keyless entry systems. Give us a call today!


First things first, what kind of safe do you have?

In order for your commercial locksmith to access your safe, they will need to know what kind of safe you have, such as the brand and model number. Each and every safe is its own different animal with different temperaments and quirks. This will allow your commercial locksmith to gather up the tools they will need to access to your safe. A combination safe versus a key safe will each require different types of tools for the job. Also, is your safe mechanical or electrical? Give your commercial locksmith all the information ahead of time so they can access your commercial safe quickly and effectively. After all, in business, time is money, and that may be why you’re calling — you have no access to your money!

Methods to the madness

  • Safe manipulation. Safe manipulation is a fancy word for safe break-in, which sounds illegal. Safe manipulation is best employed with combination safes, and unlike in the movies where a safe is opened in under one minute, accessing your safe is a delicate procedure much like an intricate operation is performed by the most skilled surgeon. Safe manipulation takes patience and the best locksmith in Jersey City, Firstline Locksmith. Safe manipulation is the preferred means to gain access to your safe because it is the least likely of all the access methods to damage your property that is inside the safe. However, as mentioned above, your commercial locksmith will have to have a good working knowledge of how a combination lock works in order to perform safe manipulation.
  • Forced entry. Forced entry is the last resort and is most often due to a failed safe than a forgotten safe combination or a lost key. There are many forced entry methods to your safe, the easiest and safest one being using a drill. If using a drill to access your safe, your commercial locksmith will probably choose one of two methods: drilling through the wheel pack, which will release the locking mechanism, or drill a hole in order to insert a fiber optic cable. This last method will allow your commercial locksmith to see the wheels and then align them accordingly. Firstline Locksmith in Jersey City advises that by breaking the wheel pack, it will require a new one to be installed and having a hole in your safe is not exactly safe for your commercial business. Other methods of entry involve using a heat source of some kind, such as a torch, a plasma cutter, or dynamite, or they can use a saw. Although a professional locksmith will probably never employ these methods, these are tried and true methods to access your safe should your commercial locksmith fail by other means. This will most likely require a call to a different professional (especially if explosives are involved). The risk here is that it could damage your contents since the heat required to enter your commercial safe will be extreme.

Bottom line — Prevention is Always Better Than the Cure

As a commercial business, it’s best to have backup methods to your backups. Store your commercial safe code or key in multiple safe places with different people in your business in order to prevent lockout services by your local locksmith. This will save you much hassle, worry, and potentially money in the long run, as well as damage to safe contents. Prevention, in the case of a safe lockout, is much better than the cure, as well as less costly.


Running a business has many moving parts, which can be challenging to say the least. It requires constant attention to detail and managing of all of these moving parts in order to function and succeed. Firstline Locksmith in Jersey City wants to help you with one moving part — keeping your business’s valuables safe, whether by installing safe locks or by providing you with a commercial safe to lock your most precious business documents in. We are your go-to locksmith company for all of your security solutions. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Whether you experienced an emergency lockout or your keyless entry system is not working, give us a call today for immediate locksmith services!