If you have followed the Firstline Locksmith blog for any time, you know we have provided plenty of tips for ways to improve the safety of your business. But sometimes, your facility’s security depends more on what you are not doing to make everything more secure, rather than what you are doing. You can always call your local Jersey City locksmith team, Firstline Locksmith, for a security assessment to make sure your space is secure but also works for you. If you’re worried about potential theft, start by considering these ways you may be making your business a target: 


Your Locks/Doors Don’t Match Up

Business burglary is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, including both employee theft and break-ins. As business owners have grown more protective, burglars have learned to look for any little foothold to help them break into a facility. Even a single poorly installed lock on a side door can be enough to turn your business into a burglary statistic. It’s a good idea to schedule routine checks for every exterior door and window around your building — especially because seasonal weather changes can affect how loose or snug doors and windows fit together. Take the time to ensure doors sit snugly within frames and that locks are installed properly, or connect with your local locksmith to schedule regular check-ups. 


Your Security Isn’t Obvious

On one hand, keeping security elements hidden helps minimize the risk that a burglar can case your business beforehand and plan ways around everything. However, if all of the elements of your security system are hidden away, it can give the impression that you don’t have any security system at all, or that your system is incredibly minimal. In a world with businesses protected from basement to rooftop, any poorly protected business becomes even more of a target. And yes, having a disguised security system can be helpful, but you may be surprised at how much damage a burglar can do in only a few short minutes. Make sure at least a few elements of your security system are visible — but not easily accessible — so burglars know your facility is well protected. 


You Don’t Track Who Has Keys/Access

One of the most troublesome parts of physical keys is that there isn’t a great way to know if copies have been made. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep tabs on your keys at all! Any time you assign a key to an employee, make sure you keep a record of who is receiving the keys and which locks they open if it’s not a general-access key. 

This is where a good access control system can really help. Not only does it allow you to restrict access to specific areas within your facility, but you can also assign an individual code or credentials to each employee — and each access point will log those details. If there are ever concerns about employee theft, each access control reader can provide data about which credentials are used and at what times. That way, even if an employee isn’t responsible for the direct burglary, it will be possible to trace security weaknesses back to an individual. 


You Don’t Leave the Lights On

Just like that old motel jingle, your after-hours motto should be, “We leave the light on.” It’s commendable if you want to cut down on energy usage by turning off all the lights in your facility at the end of your business hours. However, a totally dark space is practically an invitation to burglars because it offers plenty of hiding spaces that won’t call attention while they do their work. You don’t necessarily need to light up your space like a beacon, but it is a good idea to make sure any entrances and potential points of entry are well illuminated. When burglars don’t have a place to hide, it becomes much harder to break in, which makes your facility a less-appealing target. 

If you’re concerned about burglary and other security issues, the Firstline Locksmith team is here to help. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you better secure your business. From high-security lock installation and repair to safe servicing and access control measures, we are your local business security help. Call us for service in Jersey City and across New Jersey today!