When you think of threats to your retail business in Newark, what comes to mind? Theft, burglary, and shoplifting probably come to mind. All three of these do pose a threat to your business, but have you considered your own employees as a threat to your retail store? We can already see you rolling your eyes. Some of you trust employees to handle store keys, transactions, and the financials. We get it! You’re running a business, and you’re delegating. It saves you time. But have you put systems in place to ensure that your employees are remaining honest and true? In this post, we’re going to share eight ways to prevent internal theft in your retail store.

How To Prevent Employee Theft

At Firstline Locksmith, we suggest that you take proactive measures to protect your business. It’s easier to put systems in place that prevent issues than it is to clean up an issue after it’s happened. Here are eight ways you can help prevent internal retail store theft:

#1 – Get A Background Check On All Potential Employees

Yes, we understand that this process costs money, and it can be cumbersome. However, it protects you from hiring potentially risky employees.

#2 – Train All Employees On Policy

If you weren’t rolling your eyes earlier in this post, then you know your employees will roll theirs at you when you start talking policy. Push through this apathy and make sure everyone understands how things work and what you expect of them.

#3 – Implement Modern POS Technology

When you add a point of sale system to your retail business, it gives you immense control over transactions, discrepancies, and anything else you may be able to imagine occurring at the checkout counter.

#4 – Count Store Cash Every Day

Some store owners count cash at the end of the week — sometimes once a month. This can be troublesome, because if an employee begins to skim, they will be able to do so without you knowing immediately or at all.

#5 – Implement A Trash Takeout Buddy System

Taking out the trash is an opportunity for employees to steal from your retail store. They can stuff something in the trash, toss it in the dumpster, and come get it after work later that day. When you implement the buddy system, people are less likely to steal while being watched, and it prevents the rear door of your building being left open to nearby burglars, as someone stands by for their buddy to return from trash duty.

#6 – Check Employee Bags Before Leaving

Yes, this is awkward, but it can be an easy way to prevent employee theft in your store. You may find resistance with this method. One way to do this differently is create a lockbox where employees keep their belongings while at work, so they can’t hide stolen goods in their bags.

#7 – Install A Surveillance System

You can get cameras, or you can get surveillance software that works for you. Let your employees know they’re on camera and use it to investigate potential suspicions.

#8 – Keep Employees Happy

Engage with your employees. Ask them how you can make their job easier. Take them out to lunch once or twice a month. Keep your employees happy, and they will be less likely to steal from you.

Now that you have ways to prevent employee theft inside your store, have you considered how to secure your retail business from external burglary and theft threats? Contact Firstline Locksmith today to get started.