Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner in Jersey City, you’ve probably considered upgrading your home or building to smart technology. It would add more security, easier security management, and the ability to track entries and exits. But before you unlock the potential that exists in smart lock technology, you have some questions. In this post, Firstline Locksmith answers some of the most common smart lock installation questions for homeowners and business owners alike.

Smart Lock Installation Questions

Question #1 – Will My Door Cylinder and Lock Work With A Smart Lock?

In most cases, smart lock technology will integrate with your existing deadbolt and lock. Some changes will need to be made to your door-lock system in order to install the smart lock technology, but you should not see any major changes like replacement.

There is a chance that you will need to update your door lock. Most smart lock technology has been designed to work with a large majority of deadbolts on the market, unlike the locks. Some integrated locks may need to be replaced to work with smart lock technology.

Finally, the few exceptions to the “smart lock technology works with all locks” rule are easy to research and discover before purchasing your smart lock technology. In fact, if you do not have an integrated lock, your separate lock and deadbolt can be modified to work with your smart lock.

Question #2 – Do Smart Locks Offer Alternative Forms of Access?

Many smart locks provide an alternative form of access. This means that you will get a new key or access card that will give you the ability to unlock or lock our deadbolt and/or door lock. Also, your smart lock will most likely come with some kind of app on your phone and/or computer so that you can control your home or business security remotely. Take a look at the features of the smart locks you’re considering to make sure they have alternative access so that if your smart lock ever has issues or you simply want to use a key, you can do so effortlessly.

Question #3 – Can I Access My Smart Lock With My Phone?

In most cases, smart locks do offer remote access. This is a feature you will need to confirm with the smart lock technology you choose to purchase. In fact, many homeowners and business owners get specific smart lock technology they can access with an internet connection so that they have more control over their home or business security in real time.

Consider this: smart lock technology aims to remove the daily action of locking and unlocking doors. This saves dozens of hours a year, and it offers a more secure method to protecting the home or office.

Finally, smart lock technology offers the comfort and assurity that “losing your house keys” does not weigh on your mind. No longer do homeowners or business owners need to worry about keeping track of their keys. They can access their smart lock in a variety of ways.

Question #4 – Do Smart Lock Installations Damage Doors?

The integrity of your door will not be compromised due to a smart lock installation. Your local locksmith or smart lock specialist will be able to install your smart lock, get you connected to it, and walk you through how it works without damaging your doors. In some cases, a separate lock system on doors may require door lock replacement to integrate the smart lock technology into your door. This does not damage your door, and it makes your door more secure.



Question #5 – How Long Should A Smart Lock Installation Take?

The duration of a smart lock installation will vary based on the scope of the work needed. A single smart lock installation should not take more than 60 minutes for a single door. However, if you have multiple doors in an office building that require the installation of smart locks, the process could take a few hours to a few business days. To get an accurate measure of installation time, discuss this with your local locksmith or smart lock specialist.

Question #6 – Will Smart Lock Technology Be Right For My Home Or Business?

Smart locks are still a relatively new technology. Their potential has no ceiling as of this post, and it’s a great way to make securing your home or business that much easier. It removes the stress of always keeping track of a key or access card. Before you decide to go with smart lock technology, discuss your options and security goals with your local locksmith to determine whether smart lock technology is right for your business or not.

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