As a business owner or manager, we understand that security is likely a concern that is always on your mind. After all, protecting a business goes well beyond a couple of sturdy locks and maybe a security system. When it comes to business security, you have to consider things like how you’ll keep assets safe when you have customers coming and going all day. You may also need to restrict access to certain areas of your facility, give access to only some of your employees, or securely store cash on the premises. When we consider government facilities and banks, those security needs become even more complex — and all of that is before we even consider digital security concerns.

Your business’s security doesn’t have to be overly daunting, though. With professional help from an experienced commercial locksmith team like Firstline Locksmith, we can help bolster your business’s security without impeding your daily operations. The best security starts with a solid foundation, and in the case of business security, that means focusing on your doors. Consider these tips to boost entry door security for your Jersey City business.


Check Your Locks

It may surprise you to learn that a well-installed deadbolt is one of the best locks out there. Of course, for businesses, there are commercial locks that take the deadbolt even further to provide you better protection. However the base concept is the same: as long as the lock is in good condition and installed properly, it will make it much harder for a would-be burglar to get in without a key. Look for any loose spots on all entry doors — and that includes doorknobs, handles, and hinges, not just the lock-turning mechanism. The throw — the part that extends from the door into the door frame — should extend at least an inch into the door, and there shouldn’t be a gap between the door and door frame. If you’re concerned that a lock was not installed properly, that the lock is broken, or that a door isn’t hanging properly, connect with your local commercial locksmith for lock repair or replacement.

This is also a prime time to consider upgrading your locks. Switching from a plain deadbolt to a commercial door lock or even a keyless lock can give your business a security boost that you’ve been looking for. Connect with a commercial locksmith for help choosing the most secure lock option for your business, and make sure a locksmith installs the new locks so they will provide the best protection possible.


Consider Hinges and Strike Plates

Both hinges and strike places are small components that play a big role in entry door safety. When it comes to hinges, make sure they are inaccessible from the outside. This is nearly always the case for commercial properties, thankfully. While checking your hinges, this is also a prime time to make sure the doors are hanging straight and that no additional strain is being placed on those hinges. For example, a warped hinge will cause excess weight to be placed on all the other hinges and could be a point of weakness where the door can be more easily forced.

The strike plate is even smaller — and your entry doors may or may not have them, depending on the type of locks you use and the material your door is made from. The strike plate is a square-ish shaped piece of metal that is attached to the door frame and helps prevent a door from being forced open. It provides additional stability so that force can’t simply push the deadbolt and tear through the door frame. The strike plate should be attached with screws that are at least a couple of inches long to provide the best stability.


Clear The Entryway

Bushes and other decorative touches are a great way to bring life and appeal to your business’s entrance, but they also offer a great hiding spot for would-be thieves to go to work. Consider both sides of the entrance, too. On the exterior, trim down bushes and remove fencing or anything else that might give a burglar somewhere to hide. Inside, keep the entryway wide open so that anyone who makes their way inside will be obvious to passersby. This will help make your business a less-appealing target.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your business security, turn to the local pros. Connect with Firstline Locksmith for experienced commercial locksmith services in Jersey City and across New Jersey.