As a business owner and/or operator, you will most likely need more than one type of lockset. If you’re in retail, you will need a variety of commercial door locks. Do you work in an office building? You will surely need a multitude of locksets to shore up your office access security. What’s more, your workplace will clearly determine which locksets you will need to better secure your doors from crime. In this article, Firstline Locksmith is going to help Hamilton businesses choose the right lockset for their businesses.

The Five Common Commercial Door Lockset Functions

There are more lockset functions that will not be listed in this article; however, the locksets that are listed are common and will help you secure your business access points. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not label their locksets with how they should be used. They simply give the lockset a name, a serial number, and a price tag. At Firstline Locksmith, we want to take you one step further and give you the function of each lockset. Here are the five common lockset functions:

#1. Entry Lockset

As one of the most common locksets, you probably already have this on your interior office doors. In some cases, this lockset function is on exterior doors, too. The entry lockset offers a keyed entry and an interior button to engage the locking mechanism. In most cases, this lockset will allow you to push a button in or turn a dial to engage the lock. Typically, these locks are found on backdoors, interior doors, and less-trafficked exterior doors.

#2. Storage Lockset

This lockset is permanently locked and requires a key for entry. The inside of the lock does not include a button or dial. This lockset is great for commercial, retail, or office settings due to it always being locked, as long as the door is closed.

#3. Classroom Lockset

As you may have already assumed, this lockset is used primarily for classrooms; however, it can be used in business settings, as well, if the function fits the need. This lockset does not have a button or dial on the inside to manually engage or disengage the lock, but it can be left unlocked with the use of a key. If you want a door left opened, this is a great option due to the keyed lock and unlock function.

#4. Privacy Lockset

As an interior privacy lockset, this privacy lock is typically used for bedrooms, interior rooms, or closets. This lockset includes a button or dial on the inside, as well as a small hole on the outside that can unlock the door with a paperclip or bobby pin. These are not primarily used for security purposes, but they are more commonly used to indicate that privacy is needed.

#5. Passage Lockset

A large majority of passage locksets do not lock. They assist in keeping the door shut from wind blowing them open, accidental entry, or to simply keep the door closed. In most cases, the passage lockset is used on interior closet doors, bedroom doors, and office doors.

Why Specific Locksets Are Important

Consider all the doors in your current building. How many of them need to be locked, secure, and disallow unauthorized entry? Most of the exterior doors will need more than an entry lockset — most likely a deadbolt of some kind. The interior doors on your business need to be locked from the inside, as well as locked with a key. Your storage or data storage room definitely needs to be locked without the ability to engage or disengage the lock from the inside. With all the doors that exist in your business, you absolutely need the best locksets to secure them.

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