As an apartment complex manager, keeping track of keys can be not only a burden, but also a hassle. After all, depending on how big your complex is, that’s a lot of keys to have floating around! And with the constant coming and going of tenants, the key issue can become sometimes unbearable.

As the best commercial locksmith in Hamilton, Firstline Locksmith has got you covered for all of your rekeying and lockout needs. With over 30 years in the locksmith business, we’ve seen it all, but most importantly, we know how to fix it all. If you need a free estimate on locksmith services, give us a call today, and keep reading for important tips on how to manage your keys for an apartment complex.



Safety is one of the main concerns at an apartment complex. After all, you have potentially hundreds of people living in close proximity to one another, most of whom don’t know each other. As an apartment complex manager, it’s your job to keep residents safe, and part of that job is managing apartment complex keys. It’s imperative you not only keep track of keys, but that you also ensure that when tenants move out, you are rekeying their apartment. Firstline Locksmith in Hamilton offers rekeying services at your convenience. We also offer top-notch commercial locksmith repair services, so when a door knob is broken, give us a call. We can help.

Peace of mind

Both you and your future tenants into perpetuity can rest easy knowing that they are the only one (besides the apartment complex manager) that has access to your valuables, whether it’s jewelry or precious pictures of your babies. As the apartment complex manager, this protects you from future liability just in case a former resident is found to have access to an apartment. As your trusted commercial locksmith, Firstline Locksmith in Hamilton offers rekeying services for your peace of mind.


  1. Screen everyone. It’s a fact of this day and age that many people can’t be trusted and may have ulterior motives you are unaware of. Every employee and tenant should be given a background check before being offered the keys to an apartment, or before being employed by you. Hiring someone with access to apartment keys who has been convicted of employer fraud before is probably not in your best interests. Check out references, and limit who has access to apartment keys.
  2. Evaluate the need for master keys. The problem with master keys is the same reason to have one — you have access to all the apartments, but so would someone else if the master key were lost or stolen, and you don’t know it. Firstline Locksmith in Hamilton urges caution when using master keys.
  3. A labeling system is essential. You may be hesitant to enact a labelling system, thinking you don’t need it, but in all reality, you do need it. With so many keys, you need to label the main key, the duplicate key, the key to the utility rooms, the key to the pool, etc. Some options include color codes, or different styles and types of keys. Whatever works for you is what Firstline Locksmith in Hamilton recommends for your apartment needs.
  4. Create a safe place for your apartment keys. Let’s face it, having your keys displayed prominently in the lobby of your manager’s office is probably not the best idea, and if that is your only option, then you need to reconfigure your space. A safe set up secured by Firstline Locksmith, or one like it, is your best means to ensure only a few people have access to the apartment keys. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the thought of a commercial safe, Firstline Locksmith has over 25 years in the commercial locksmith business and can help you assess your needs and determine which safe is right for you.
  5. Get organized. This is perhaps the number one reason (and what keeps Firstline Locksmith employed) for people losing their keys: unorganized people. If you think about how many times you utter the words, “Where are my car keys?”, you can appreciate this point. You not only need to have a labeling system in place and a safe place to put your apartment keys, but you also need to have every key in its place. This means when you have five people waiting for you, they will have to wait a little longer so you can replace keys. Merely putting random keys on your desk to deal with later is a sure-fire way to lose those keys, which will probably entail another call to your commercial locksmith, Firstline Locksmith in Hamilton. While we love helping you with all of your locksmith needs, we also want to help you see us less. We advise that you implement an organizational system that works for you, and you use it!


Firstline Locksmith in Hamilton offers commercial locksmith services, which includes emergency lockout services, rekeying, lock installation and repair, and safe services. No matter your need, if you are locked out of a place, we can help. With over 25 years in the locksmithing business, we have yet to meet a lock that we couldn’t fix or open. Call the experts today for all your apartment complex needs, or other commercial services!