In our modern, technology-fueled society, it seems silly to even ask whether a high-tech security system is more valuable than a standard “dumb” lock. After all, if a break-in occurs, one of those security options can contact the police and the other cannot. If it came down to a one-or-the-other choice — which it can often be when budget is a concern — which option would you choose to focus on to improve your business’s security measures? More often than not, business owners would immediately jump to security system upgrades and ignore the door locks. But doing so may be a big disservice to your business’s overall security. So what is the line? How do you choose which measures to prioritize? Here is what you need to understand about the role both security systems and “dumb” locks play in keeping your business secure.


How A Security System Helps

This might feel like an obvious statement, but a security system is of vital importance for the security of any business. There’s no arguing that. There are a few key ways in which a security system provides that valuable assistance in keeping your business well secured. First is the obvious: a security system controls access points and notifies law enforcement when unauthorized access occurs. The faster police are notified in the event of a break-in, the faster help can arrive and hopefully thwart the burglary in progress — the better for protecting your assets and minimizing losses.

The other big benefit to having a security system is that they often serve as a deterrent from burglary attempts. According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, most burglars attempt to locate the accoutrement of a security system before making a break-in attempt. Of those, at least half would abandon a target if they could tell a security system was present. That includes security cameras, but it also includes the more subtle signs like window and door sensors. Even without obvious cameras, a security system with sensors on each door and window can be a major deterrent against burglary attempts.


The Value of Traditional Locks

Considering how helpful a security system can be at deterring burglary attempts, many business owners may wonder just how useful traditional locks are. As long as you can lock the doors shut, that’s all that matters, right? Not necessarily. It is true that the biggest value in a traditional lock is the security it provides in keeping a door shut against intrusions. But the other big value in a traditional lock may surprise you. A well-installed deadbolt lock goes a long way toward inhibiting burglary.

When it comes to breaking in, speed is of the essence. According to the same survey we mentioned above, most burglars rely on force to gain entry. Only one in eight would try to pick a lock or using a key they obtained previous to their burglary attempt. That means the other 87.5% of burglars will try to force their way into a given target. The reason this is important is because a well-installed deadbolt lock or commercial lock is because they are much more difficult to force open — and because they take longer to force, many burglars will abandon a target because they cannot get in and out quickly. The longer they stand at a door and try to force it, the better the chance that someone passing by will notice them. Even if the police don’t arrive in time, that passerby is still a witness who could implicate them in the crime.


Choosing Business Security Methods

When it comes to choosing one option versus the other, the best advice is to choose both. If budget is a concern, connect with your local commercial locksmith. We can help with a range of services designed to keep your business as secure as possible — everything from repairing or installing locks to servicing a security system to conducting a security assessment of your property. At Firstline Locksmith, our commercial locksmith services are customizable to work for your property and your business’s specific needs, so give us a call for help in Hamilton or anywhere across New Jersey today.