When it comes to operating a business, burglary is one of the very worst fears most of us have. Fires and flooding are also concerns, but burglary is one of the most common issues to affect businesses across the country, and owners never know when a burglar may strike. In 2015, a fire was reported every 86 seconds across the U.S. Contrast that to a property crime being reported every 3.9 seconds in the same year. This gives you an idea of how much more prevalent burglary concerns are. For savvy business owners, a lot of those worries can be ameliorated with a strong security system, properly installed locks, and ongoing attention given to security measures.

Even more concerning is the issue of repeat burglaries. Often, a burglar will choose to target a property more than once because they know how to get in, they know the layout of the building, and most expensive electronics and other appealing targets are (typically) replaced quickly. So, if your business has been victim of a burglary, here’s what you need to know about recovering and making your business less of a target in the future.


Call The Cops

First things first, if you don’t have a security system that automatically alerts the authorities, it’s imperative that you call the police before you do anything else. Try to avoid touching anything or disturbing anything; the less you disturb, the more likely the police are to find useful details they can use to track the burglar. Be especially careful to avoid touching or disturbing a door or window through which the burglar may have gained entry.

Once you have the police investigation initiated, the next step is to contact your insurance company. The adjuster can guide you through the process and let you know what information they’ll need to process a claim, but you can pretty much guarantee that they will need the police report and official findings.


Review Inventory & Damages

The police will be able to help you find the major damage, but some issues may not appear until later, once you get back to normal operations again. As you go through, take note of anything that is damaged and anything that appears to be missing. Both the police and your insurance provider will need an accounting of what was taken, and that can help expedite the process.


Boost Protective Measures

After a burglary, it is very common for business owners and employees to feel less safe in the building. The first step should always be to repair any damaged doors or windows — after the police give you the all-clear, of course. Then, after ensuring all exterior doors and windows are in good shape, this is the prime time to have a security assessment. The burglary implies that something was appealing enough that a burglar targeted your business despite whatever measures you had in place. Bolstering your security measures can help prevent instances of repeat burglary.

It can help to understand how the burglar got in, which is information the police can usually give you if it isn’t already apparent. If it was the case of a door being forced open, your local commercial locksmith can help with stronger commercial locks as well as stronger door options. We can also upgrade your locks to keyless locks or an access control system if physical keys were a concern.

Whatever the case, it’s always a good idea to have a security assessment performed by an experienced commercial locksmith after a break-in. We can help repair damage and shore up security measures, but we can also review your entire property and check for other potential gaps in security. A thorough review and a plan of action customized for your business can go a long way toward making it less of a target going forward.

Whether your business was recently broken into or not, a security assessment can help ensure your business has sufficient security measures in place. For businesses in Hamilton and across New Jersey, start by connecting with the commercial locksmith team at Firstline Locksmith. We can help you out with a thorough security assessment as well as a range of security services from lock replacement and repair to access control system installation. Give us a call today to get started.