As a business owner looking for a commercial locksmith in Hamilton to secure your building or office, it can be tough to find one that feels like a great fit. What’s more, you may feel overwhelmed with the idea of asking a locksmith a bunch of questions before they come out to assist you with your locksmith needs. However, these questions are what protect you and your business from getting scammed.

In a recent article, Nate Ryder of the Professional Locksmiths Association of Alberta said that “there are a number of things people can do to avoid being duped.” These steps to avoid being duped apply to businesses and companies, too.

In this article, Firstline Locksmith will share with you how to determine if a commercial locksmith is legitimate and if you should work with them. It’s better to do your due diligence than have to pay to fix a scam.

Commercial Locksmith Tips to Avoid Getting Duped

As you do your research, there are a few items you can ask for to make sure you don’t get duped by an unlicensed, inexperienced criminal.

#1. Ask for Credentials

It’s never enough to just trust a locksmith when they say they’re licensed, insured, and bonded. Ask them for these credentials before you allow them to do work on your business. What you’ll find is that this question alone will save you from getting duped a majority of the time.

#2. Submit a Criminal Record Check

The commercial locksmith you hire ought to pass a criminal record check. If you get any red flags on the record check, you should avoid working with the chosen professional. Not only does this protect you, but it protects your business, assets, and employees.

#3. Watch for Low Prices

You may be looking for the “best price” to get your commercial locksmith needs taken care of, but you want to watch for the low prices. The race to the bottom of service pricing is one way companies separate themselves from others. The scammers take advantage of this low-price strategy and dupe businesses by offering extremely low prices and then charging them hundreds more at the time of service. Make sure to check local prices from locksmiths before you commit to one in particular. What’s more, you can get quotes from your local commercial locksmiths before you hire them.

#4. The Fake Invoice

Locksmith scams may make it all the way to the invoice before you realize something is a little off. An invoice that doesn’t have a company letterhead, invoice number, or an itemized list of what work was performed is a sign of a potential scam. What’s more, you want to get a written estimate before the locksmith either comes out to do the work or before the locksmith starts any work. This makes it super easy for you to hold the professional accountable for their business acumen.

Firstline Locksmith: Your Expert Locksmith

Before you hire a random locksmith to take care of your commercial locksmith needs, consider Firstline. We’ve been servicing New Jersey for years, and we’re here to assist you in securing your business, building, or office. Contact us today to start the process.