1. When to Call a Commercial Locksmith

    Commercial locksmiths are trained to handle any lock-related problems. Select a locksmith based on the quality of services offered. Firstline Locksmith offers 24 hours service in New Jersey and is always ready to respond to any emergencies. Contact Firstline’s team of New Jersey locksmiths wheneve…Read More

  2. An image of a safe combination

    4 Types Of Safes For Your Home

    When we think of safes, what sort of image comes to mind? Usually, when we think of a safe, we think of a huge vault at a bank that holds hundreds upon thousands upon millions of dollars, securely locked away with a big spinning lock and out of reach of burglars and fires. What a lot of people don Read More

  3. How a Locksmith Gains Entry to Your Commercial Safe

    In part one of this blog series, Firstline Locksmith, the best commercial locksmith company in Jersey City, discussed steps to take when you were locked out of your commercial safe. We discussed various steps you can take in order to gain access to your commercial safe, from calling the safe company…Read More

  4. Tips To Make Your Business Less of a Target For Burglars

    When it comes to keeping a business safe, we talk a lot about proactive measures an owner can take to make their facility more secure. From commercial locks to access control systems, there are myriad options out there that can help your business be secure. But what many business owners don’t cons…Read More

  5. 7 Commercial Locksmith Tips for Business Doors

    You’ve taken the time to choose the best security measures for your commercial doors, but you’re not sure what else you can do to improve the security around your doors moving forward. Well, that’s where the professional eye of a commercial locksmith that serves Jersey City and the rest of New…Read More

  6. The Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing Your Locks

    As a local locksmith company in Trenton, we get a lot of calls from customers requesting their locks and deadbolts on their homes be replaced. It’s common for homeowners to think that if they’ve lost keys or given out one too many, they need to replace the entire lock on their front and rear doo…Read More

  7. 4 Tips To Never Lock Your Keys In The Car Again!

    With all the smart technology we have at our disposal, we still seem to accidentally lock our car keys or fob in the car. In some cases, we’re in a hurry and forget to grab the keys out of the cup holder. Sometimes we forget we’ve left our key fob in a gym bag or our purse, which we leave on the…Read More

  8. A Brief History On Locks

    It’s been nearly 4,000 years since the first lock was discovered. Near Nineveh in the Khorsabad palace ruins, it’s considered, as of now, the oldest lock to ever be found. The lock was made of wood and functioned to secure the door with a large wooden bolt. The bolt had a slot with several holes…Read More

  9. 5 Important Security Lock Innovators Throughout History

    As locks and security have advanced over time, there have been a large collection of individuals that have contributed to the overall improvement of home and commercial security. In this post, we’ll share the top ten security innovators throughout history, and explain how they contributed to the i…Read More

  10. Think Like A Locksmith: Cash Drawers

    Welcome back to our “Think Like A Locksmith” series. Last time, we kept things safe with a few fun facts about vaults. Today, let’s cash out and look at something we experience nearly every time we go shopping. Yes, we are talking about the humble cash drawer. At Firstline Locksmith, we get ca…Read More