Your home security is all that stands between your family and potential criminals. The same goes for your business. Those who want to break in and steal your assets can do so, if they can get past your commercial door locks. Whether you want to secure your home or business, you need local locksmith services to help you. As the professionals in the Jersey City area, Firstline Locksmith has been serving all of New Jersey for years. We understand how important security upgrades, door lock installations, and rekeying is for you. On this blog, we will discuss those very topics and much more to better educate you on how to shore up the security for your home or business. Contact us today!

  1. 6 Security Measures To Improve Your Business

    As a business owner and/or operator in Jersey City, you need to make sure that all safety protocol and security measures are being upheld to the highest standard. If you’ve been in business for a number of years, and you’re just now getting to your business’s security, it’s time you complete…Read More

  2. Retail Store Owners: How To Prevent Employee Theft

    When you think of threats to your retail business in Newark, what comes to mind? Theft, burglary, and shoplifting probably come to mind. All three of these do pose a threat to your business, but have you considered your own employees as a threat to your retail store? We can already see you rolling y…Read More

  3. Spot A Fake Locksmith With These 5 Tips

    As local locksmith professionals that serve Jersey City and the greater New Jersey area, Firstline Locksmith is aware of the growing bait-and-switch tactics being used online in our industry. You have the $20 deal that turns into a $120 invoice. There are fake locksmiths that change your door or bus…Read More

  4. Home Security Tips From Your Jersey City Locksmith

    Do you consider your home to be safe and secure? How often do you check the locks on your windows and doors? As a premiere locksmith company in New Jersey, Firstline Locksmith has been serving the residents of Jersey City for 25-plus years, and we take pride in knowing how to help our community secu…Read More