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  1. Image of door unlocking with key

    To Hide, Or Not To Hide

    We’ve all done it before; Right as you’re rushing out the door, late for work, it’s so easy to just quickly flip the inside lock on the doorknob and close the door to secure your home and your belongings inside. Just as the door has latched and locked, you remember the location of your key rin…Read More

  2. Tips to Keep Track of Your Apartment Complex’s Keys: Part 1

    As an apartment complex manager, keeping track of keys can be not only a burden, but also a hassle. After all, depending on how big your complex is, that’s a lot of keys to have floating around! And with the constant coming and going of tenants, the key issue can become sometimes unbearable. As th…Read More

  3. Beware This New Locksmith Scam

    The locksmith industry is one of the most frequently scammed. It’s an unfortunate reality, but with a bit of effort, it’s easy enough to avoid the scammers and find a legitimate, trained locksmith. A big part of avoiding scams is staying in the know. Read on for more about a new locksmith scam, …Read More

  4. Signs Your Vault or Safe Needs Servicing

    The combination safe or vault has been the top means of protecting valuable assets for well over a century now — and safes have been around much longer than that with a variety of different locking mechanisms. On the plus side, this means we have made some impressive advancements in terms of safe/…Read More

  5. Helping Your Business Recover Post Break-In

    When it comes to operating a business, burglary is one of the very worst fears most of us have. Fires and flooding are also concerns, but burglary is one of the most common issues to affect businesses across the country, and owners never know when a burglar may strike. In 2015, a fire was reported e…Read More

  6. How to Maintain Your Commercial Door Locks

    As a business or a company, you have multiple locks on your building. It may be that you haven’t checked those locks in years. Do you know how secure your locks are? Whether you got new locks a few months ago, or you haven’t checked them in a few years, it’s best to keep them maintained at lea…Read More

  7. Commercial Businesses Be Wary of Locksmith Scams

    As a business owner looking for a commercial locksmith in Hamilton to secure your building or office, it can be tough to find one that feels like a great fit. What’s more, you may feel overwhelmed with the idea of asking a locksmith a bunch of questions before they come out to assist you with your…Read More

  8. Which Lockset Is Best For Your Business?

    As a business owner and/or operator, you will most likely need more than one type of lockset. If you’re in retail, you will need a variety of commercial door locks. Do you work in an office building? You will surely need a multitude of locksets to shore up your office access security. What’s mor…Read More

  9. 3 Signs That Your Home Is An Easy Target For Burglars

    Burglars are looking for homes that are easy to break into and get away undetected. There are a few tell-tale signs that your home is an easy target. At Firstline Locksmith, we want to keep your home secure and your family safe. That’s why in this post, we’re going to share with you the top thre…Read More