1. How Panic Bars Protect Your Business

    While shouting, “Fire!” in a crowded, public space may not be against the law in the strictest sense, inciting a riot can be unlawful. And the reason for this should be common sense: crowds don’t typically react with level-headed calm. Because panic spreads like wildfire, there are a series of…Read More

  2. Top Ways You’re Making Your Business A Target For Theft

    If you have followed the Firstline Locksmith blog for any time, you know we have provided plenty of tips for ways to improve the safety of your business. But sometimes, your facility’s security depends more on what you are not doing to make everything more secure, rather than what you are doing. Y…Read More

  3. How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors

    From retail shops to hospitals, sliding glass doors are a common entry option for a great many businesses and commercial properties. They are also a bigger security hazard than basically any other door option — except, perhaps, a screen door. While sliding glass doors offer impressive ease of use …Read More

  4. Bluetooth or WiFi Smart Locks? A Comparison

    Keyless entry locks are a great way to provide flexible, hassle-free security for any business — no matter how large or small. They offer a helpful way of eliminating physical keys and controlling who has access to your business, or even to certain areas of your business. With simpler electronic l…Read More

  5. Signs Your Vault or Safe Needs Servicing

    The combination safe or vault has been the top means of protecting valuable assets for well over a century now — and safes have been around much longer than that with a variety of different locking mechanisms. On the plus side, this means we have made some impressive advancements in terms of safe/…Read More

  6. Summer Security: Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacation Season

    With summer practically here, we know a lot of you are starting to plan for that sweet getaway to the mountains, to a beach, or maybe to a theme part. Whatever your intentions, families across New Jersey are planning adventures that will take them away from home for a long weekend, a week, or longer…Read More

  7. Why You Should Ask For Credentials When Hiring A Locksmith

    Let’s face it, accidents happen to us all. Whether it’s locking your keys somewhere you can't get to them or a key breaking in half when you try to use it, it can be incredibly frustrating when locksmith emergencies crop up — doubly so because those issues tend to pop up at the worst possible …Read More

  8. 5 Things To Know About Your Safe

    Most of us tend to think about safes and vaults as, well, safe. After all, why would we call them safes if they weren’t a way to safeguard valuables? But simply having a safe isn’t enough anymore to ensure your valuables will remain protected. Everything from the type of safe you have to where i…Read More

  9. Ways To Boost Security When Moving Into A New Home

    As we enter into May, home buying season is upon us. The next couple of months are the heaviest time of year for both buying and selling properties. There are a few reasons for this, including wanting to disrupt the school year as little as possible for the kiddos, and wanting to make use of better …Read More

  10. Helping Your Business Recover Post Break-In

    When it comes to operating a business, burglary is one of the very worst fears most of us have. Fires and flooding are also concerns, but burglary is one of the most common issues to affect businesses across the country, and owners never know when a burglar may strike. In 2015, a fire was reported e…Read More