1. Summer Security: Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacation Season

    With summer practically here, we know a lot of you are starting to plan for that sweet getaway to the mountains, to a beach, or maybe to a theme part. Whatever your intentions, families across New Jersey are planning adventures that will take them away from home for a long weekend, a week, or longer…Read More

  2. Why You Should Ask For Credentials When Hiring A Locksmith

    Let’s face it, accidents happen to us all. Whether it’s locking your keys somewhere you can't get to them or a key breaking in half when you try to use it, it can be incredibly frustrating when locksmith emergencies crop up — doubly so because those issues tend to pop up at the worst possible …Read More

  3. 5 Things To Know About Your Safe

    Most of us tend to think about safes and vaults as, well, safe. After all, why would we call them safes if they weren’t a way to safeguard valuables? But simply having a safe isn’t enough anymore to ensure your valuables will remain protected. Everything from the type of safe you have to where i…Read More

  4. Ways To Boost Security When Moving Into A New Home

    As we enter into May, home buying season is upon us. The next couple of months are the heaviest time of year for both buying and selling properties. There are a few reasons for this, including wanting to disrupt the school year as little as possible for the kiddos, and wanting to make use of better …Read More

  5. Helping Your Business Recover Post Break-In

    When it comes to operating a business, burglary is one of the very worst fears most of us have. Fires and flooding are also concerns, but burglary is one of the most common issues to affect businesses across the country, and owners never know when a burglar may strike. In 2015, a fire was reported e…Read More

  6. Tips To Make Your Business Less of a Target For Burglars

    When it comes to keeping a business safe, we talk a lot about proactive measures an owner can take to make their facility more secure. From commercial locks to access control systems, there are myriad options out there that can help your business be secure. But what many business owners don’t cons…Read More

  7. Does Your Business Have Keyless Locks? Why It Should

    Even a few years ago, watching someone unlock a door with the wave of a badge probably felt like something that belonged in a high-tech action movie, not everyday life. Even now, though, those keyless lock devices are becoming more widespread, but many business owners feel as if those measures are o…Read More

  8. 4 Simple Updates To Boost Entry Door Security

    As a business owner or manager, we understand that security is likely a concern that is always on your mind. After all, protecting a business goes well beyond a couple of sturdy locks and maybe a security system. When it comes to business security, you have to consider things like how you’ll keep …Read More

  9. Rekeying vs Changing The Locks For A Business

    We imagine you don’t pay much attention to your business’s locks. Most people don’t until one gets stuck and breaks the key — or something equally obvious. In our digital age, it’s easy to rely on a high-tech security system to keep your business safe. However, without properly functioning…Read More

  10. Signs It’s Time For A Business Security Assessment

    With the number of different viruses out there, you surely conduct routine security assessments on your business’s software and hardware — so why not do the same for your business’s physical security? A security assessment provided by a knowledgeable commercial locksmith can help pick up on an…Read More