1. When You’ll Need a Local Locksmith to Open Your Safe

    Safes are necessary due to human nature and Mother Nature. Some people will steal from you if given the chance, and Mother Nature can take out everything that’s precious to you in the case of a fire. Safes provide us with peace of mind, knowing our valuables and heirlooms are stored away for safe …Read More

  2. How a Locksmith Gains Entry to Your Commercial Safe

    In part one of this blog series, Firstline Locksmith, the best commercial locksmith company in Jersey City, discussed steps to take when you were locked out of your commercial safe. We discussed various steps you can take in order to gain access to your commercial safe, from calling the safe company…Read More

  3. The Nitty-Gritty Behind Commercial Safe Lockouts

    Safes are meant to hold your most precious items (outside of living organisms like your kids, spouse, cats, and dogs). From birth certificates and pictures of your great-grandma to passports, marriage certificates and guns, safes harbor memories that you don’t want to lose. That’s why you got a …Read More

  4. Tips to Keep Track of Your Apartment Complex’s Keys: Part 2

    In our last blog post, Firstline Locksmith in Newark offered up tips for you to keep track of your apartment complex’s keys, from creating an organizational system to installing a safe with limited access. As the best commercial locksmith company in Newark, we offer a variety of locksmith services…Read More

  5. Tips to Keep Track of Your Apartment Complex’s Keys: Part 1

    As an apartment complex manager, keeping track of keys can be not only a burden, but also a hassle. After all, depending on how big your complex is, that’s a lot of keys to have floating around! And with the constant coming and going of tenants, the key issue can become sometimes unbearable. As th…Read More

  6. 4 Common Lock Concerns & How To Solve Them

    Do you have a lock that likes to stick on cold, wet winter days? Or maybe your front door knob jiggles so loosely that you’re not sure the lock is even doing any good. (Hint: it’s not). As locksmiths, we’ve seen it all. There are some lock issues that are more common than others. For those of …Read More

  7. Beware This New Locksmith Scam

    The locksmith industry is one of the most frequently scammed. It’s an unfortunate reality, but with a bit of effort, it’s easy enough to avoid the scammers and find a legitimate, trained locksmith. A big part of avoiding scams is staying in the know. Read on for more about a new locksmith scam, …Read More

  8. How Panic Bars Protect Your Business

    While shouting, “Fire!” in a crowded, public space may not be against the law in the strictest sense, inciting a riot can be unlawful. And the reason for this should be common sense: crowds don’t typically react with level-headed calm. Because panic spreads like wildfire, there are a series of…Read More

  9. Top Ways You’re Making Your Business A Target For Theft

    If you have followed the Firstline Locksmith blog for any time, you know we have provided plenty of tips for ways to improve the safety of your business. But sometimes, your facility’s security depends more on what you are not doing to make everything more secure, rather than what you are doing. Y…Read More